Hologram TV at Cadbury World in the UK

Went to Cadbury World in Bourneville, England last week. Had a lot of fun. Ate too much chocolate because they give you all sorts of things for free and then there's the nice shop at the end and the tasting of molten chocolate.  This place is the inspiration for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They have a full tour with a charming fun ride that will thrill your children (and yourself), if you're young at heart.

But...what was really interesting was the hologram TV they employed in 2 different locations. The first was in a series of diaramas in which various historical characters talked about their part in the Cadbury story. The 2nd location was in the tasting section called "Excellence" where 2 sons of the Cadbury founder and their loyal old maid secretary tried to work out some magical formula using milk for the first time in their chocolate.

All holograms completely integrated with a real miniature set, so it was like watching ghosts.  I've seen this done before by a Canadian company, but they used a practically invisible fillament screen upon which to project the video. Hologram TV, here, seems like something that could be used to make television appear to be happening right in front of you. I wonder if Princess Leia is supposed to be hologram TV when she is projected in space by R2D2 in the original movie?  Move over 3DTV - Hologram TV is the coolest.