[itvt] at the Maker Faire in our conTENT Pavilion

Over the weekend, May 30-31st, [itvt] had a booth (albeit last minute) at the Maker Faire, a huge Do-It-Yourself (DIY) festival that welcomes thousands of hands-on technologists, creatives and business executives from Silicon Valley and San Francisco and their families to the San Mateo fair grounds. 

There, we met a lot of friends, colleagues, artists, new people and welcomed kids into our booth to discover what interactive TV is today and what it might become.  We had a lot of interesting conversations and saw incredible displays and exhibits (scientific innovations, creative sculptures, useful inventions) elsewhere!  There are some real wunderkinds that float by and well-known Silicon Valley executives including Gary Lauder of Lauder Partners, the well-respected ITV investor. (Note: Great to see you Gary!)

(Photo courtesy of Steve Mobia - thanks, Steve!)

People could put letters on the TV or degauss the screen with a magnet on an old tube TV and it was a big hit with the kids. Was able to meet with adults and executives who were attracted to the topic and the signage or who knew about InteractiveTV Today already and wanted to chat. Next year, our booth will focus more on ITV content production and other forms of digital media content "making."

Teenagers took an interest!

Michael Ang, a wonderful experimental and talented artist, graciously put his copper flower with blue LED lights at our booth.  He regularly brings TV of Tomorrow Show-themed work to our annual conference.

Next year, we have been asked to produce a bigger conTENT Pavilion for the show by the producers of the Maker Faire. Contact me, if you are interested.

-- Tracy Swedlow