Jesse Redniss: The Tipping Point Of Tune-in Marketing part Deux! Remind Me To Watch, wherever and whenever fits my viewing habit

By Jesse Redniss

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Just 10 days ago, Comcast and Twitter announced their groundbreaking “See It” functionality that would be rolling out across the NBCUniversal footprint in November. I posted a quick opinion piece on that here:
Providing insights on why I think this has such a major impact on the TV marketing world, while also hinting at some features that will be paramount to mass adoption.

Well, here we are just a week and a half later and Dijit has rolled out a few new features for it’s NextGuide TV platform that will enable any consumer and any network to essentially take tune-in marketing and consumer communication/enablement to the next level; Remind Me To Watch.

There have been a number of fantastic pieces covering this news, but one of my favorites is the piece by Janko Roettgers that ran in GigaOm:

Before I get to the explanation of why this piece is my favorite, let’s explore what NextGuide has done with the roll out of it’s Remind Me To Watch features.

1. Out of the gate, NextGuide has strategically aligned themselves with 11 major networks and are already up and running with their core feature offerings on Fox, BBC America and TruTV. Nice job guys, persistence pays off!

2. The Remind Me To Watch features make it quite seamless for any network to embed simple HTML widgets into their site, mobile apps, banner campaigns and social posts. I touched on this in my initial piece 10 days ago, but this is a marketers dream for understanding tune-in attribution from digital marketing initiatives. It provides the networks with very simple tools that can turn their traditional “Spray & Pray” approach to paid media, with tangible ROI insights and an actual utility and function from the call to action.

3. Along with setting up reminders/alerts that can be sent via email or FB notifications for when a show is about to air, the Remind Me To Watch tools feature the ability to program your DVR if you authenticate with your Comcast, DirectTV or Dish identity. While not all of the cable providers have this ability right now, having 3 major providers is a huge win for Dijit’s team and is a harbinger for things to come. Let’s call this a “Unified Consumer Experience” which will pair nicely with the roll-out of every major networks “Unified Screen or Screen Unification” efforts.

4. While the TV industry is mainly focused on driving live tune-in or at least C3 tune-in, it’s not blind to the fact that viewing habits are changing. A recent study revealed that some 30% of millennials aren’t even watching traditional broadcasts and consume all media via a stream or download solution. Well, there’s a tool for that! One of the great features of the NextGuide platform is that it will send you alerts for whenever and wherever that show is being broadcast, streamed or available for purchase. In other words, if you missed the initial linear broadcast of New Girl, it will provide you with all of the other alternative places where you can view the show, be it; Hulu, iTunes, FOX Now app, VOD, Netflix etc…. Let’s call this Power To The People ;)

5. Finally, why Janko’s take is my favorite. Not only is his name just cool, but the end of his piece holds the keys to the consumer insights castle. Here is the line:

"Users who sign up for a show reminder on a site like are told that NextGuide reserves the right to share some data with Fox. I asked Dijit CEO Jeremy Toeman what that means, and he told me that certain data about usage will be shared in aggregate with network partners, meaning that networks won’t be able to tell which user watched which shows, but they will get a sense of where their shows are watched."

The data piece, when analyzed correctly, can provide each participating network with extremely valuable insights to how their fans are actually watching their shows. It will give insight to what some of their other favorite shows are, how often they are interacting with the reminders tool-kit, setting alerts, programming their DVR or clicking through to view via the network app, Netflix or Hulu. It provides some immediate solutions for a few of the “down the road” concepts discussed in my initial post.

Looking at the complete consumer experience at NextGuide, coupled with the B2B play that Dijit is putting in motion directly with the networks, I have very high hopes for the Dijit team. This may be one of the smarter moves coming from any SecondScreen/SocialTV business out there today, one that will surely impact the Tipping Point Of Tune-in Marketing.