Jesse Redniss: Tipping Point of Tune-in marketing: what “See it” will unleash

By Jesse Redniss

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There’s something brewing here that hasn’t been broached by ANY coverage of the groundbreaking Comcast, Twitter and NBCUniversal “See It” and Amplify deal. It’s a monumental shift in how Social media can drive a direct attribution to Tune-in, the allusive “Correlation” Unicorn data point.

As this function rolls out beyond just the Comcast footprint and reaches critical mass to actually be an adopted function on every cable system, a new metric will emerge that will set a standard and become one of the most valuable forms of ROI measurement for the TV Industry, The CPT: Cost per Touch/Tune

With the ability to Program your DVR, Change the channel or view a live simulcast directly in a Twitter card, Social media and #SocialTV will soon have its “Unicorn” metric that can prove attribution and direct correlation to TUNE IN.

Now, the last thing the industry wants to do is turn this new functionality into a Direct Response play, so we need to be careful about how this gets rolled out, how we preserve the halo effect that socialTV already has and don’t just use it for DR Tune-in tactics.

When USA network rolled out it’s USA Sync syndication platform in March; enabling partner apps like Next Guide, Shazam, Viggle and ZeeBox to host an embedded HTML5 version of the USA Sync Second Screen content offerings directly in their apps via a content API powered by WatchWith, I saw first hand how the power of Social and syndicated content offerings could drive a much larger participation experience across multiple destinations.

This is a unified Second Screen experience that provides a deep and rich content experience to enhance and accompany USA Linear TV viewing. A function that is universal across multiple destinations and allows ease of use, experience and access, it’s utilitarian. Aka one of the best attributes of a successful app.

As more extensive Second Screen content offerings and Social TV experiences get pushed further and wider across more destinations, an integration and utilization of the “See It” function into every digital and social “Touch Point,” be it a Banner, Tweet, FB Post, Tumblr post, Vine video etc.. WILL BE HUGE!!

The emergence of TV Everywhere driving Authentication and the “See It” function will provide a much richer data set tied to Social and Digital activity by consumers. A simple viewable impression will now be converted and elevated into a much more powerful suite of metrics that will increase marketing efficiencies, consumer insights and influence content creation

I’ve played in the SocialTV and Second Screen space for quite some time now, and I can honestly say that this is one of the biggest moments to prove how valuable Social media really is to the TV ecosystem. For TV networks, consumers, brands and agencies, this is the Tipping point of the Tune-in.