MySpace Wedding is Like Todd TV - I miss that show!

Daniel DICriscio - " Todd TV" FX (Part 2) Reality TV Show

MySpace in partnership with Endemol has announced their new "Married on MySpace" project in which the viewing online audience will be able to vote on the details of a lucky couple's wedding. We've seen this kind of reality contest before, but it reminded me of one of my favorite shows from years past that tried to be "interactive TV" within the context of an actual broadcast network: FX.

That show was "Todd TV" and it appeared at some horrible hour of some horrible day during the week.  Todd, a guy plucked from the beaches of Southern California, had to follow whatever decision (a or b) was made by viewers who voted by telephone or SMS text. Each episode would show what he did withi that decision that was made for him. In Todd's case, he wanted to be a musician, so choices given to him included a) do you want to be a gorilla gram person or b) do you want to be the gopher  slave of a famous rock musician (some guy from White Snakes, the hard rock group).  The audience selected "b" for him, so we saw Todd doing whatever the White Snakes guy told him to do and enjoyed his pleasure or pain.

I loved that show.  I've included a link to a YouTube moment during that show (there's not much up there).

Wish we could see that show again or more shows that explored interactivity by allowing the audience to vote for this or for that: it's a simple, obvious format, but it's a good way to get "on ramp" for all you EBIF and OCAP people out there.