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For those of you who have known me for many years, you know that I created an art car. Perhaps you saw it at the Western Show in Pasadena in our booth?  See picture below:  "Marblas Shrpkr" 

Well, I thought I'd post something a bit personal rather than just my usual observation about interactive TV.  Over and above the fact that I'm entrenched in the ITV industry, I'm also part of the San Francisco Art Community and we lost one of our most beloved members: Tom Kennedy 2 weeks ago. 

Below is the beginning of a post I made about Tom Kennedy (supreme art car artist who loved fins) that I recently put up on my personal blog site where you will find a lot of PICTURES from his big memorial event last Friday, May 1, 2009. I hope you enjoy a window into this very creative community that contains painters, sculptors, digital media creators, pranksters, political activists, art car artists, designers and a more. 

My art car "Marblas Shrpkr"




San Francisco Bay Area art community is large, but very cohesive for some reason.  It may be because they met each other through the usual ways you run into each other (parties) or at Burning Man or because it’s just a “small town” in some ways and people gravitate to similar kinds of things.  Friday night, the community honored one of their favorite sons: Tom Kennedy. Tom is/was truly loved and respected by these people (art car artists, sculptors, painters, musicians, steampunk engineers, etc.), which is a feat in of itself, because you can count on one hand the number of people that can be said for. He’s been in the community forever so knew and built projects with many of the people who were in attendance last night.

His death was covered by mainstream media all over the country (L.A Times, Time Magazine - my Mom even saw it on the news in Columbus, Ohio!)  because his cars poked through the haze of popular culture with their courageousness, ingenuity, sense of humor, and chutzpah. He was one of our...

(pictures and more, if you click

-- Tracy