RCDb and Videon Central Partner to Transform the Blu-ray Disc Player into a Multi-purpose HD Network Set-top Box

RCDb and Videon Central Partner to Transform the






SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 23rd, 2009.


RCDb and Videon Central announced today a partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of networked applications on Internet connected Blu-ray Disc (BD) players.


The two companies have pre-integrated their software solutions to offer a complete reference design to BD player manufacturers. The offering enables a BD player to dynamically load and unload applications and connect with a flexible, updateable set of third party services and content offerings controlled by the player manufacturers and their retail partners.


RCDb is a global leader in open BD-Live software and services that enable network connectivity, social networking applications, commerce transactions and digital content distribution.


Videon Central is a leading supplier of digital video product solutions and BD middleware providing major semiconductor and device manufacturers with firmware integration, resource management, network services and core optical disc functionality.


“By bringing our solutions together, we deliver a compelling experience to connected Blu-ray Disc players. The partnership with RCDb enables seamless access to internet delivered services and content for the consumer and in turn allows the manufacturer to build best-of-breed, high value, differentiated products” said Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon Central.


 “Blu-ray Disc players not only deliver the highest quality home entertainment experience, they are also the ultimate ‘over the top” player for convenience and on-demand viewing in the living room.  Our joint solution with Videon Central gives studios another path to the living room and a direct connection to their audience.” added Zane Vella, CEO of RCDb.


The solution is available immediately for customer demonstrations. It includes the RCDb Client software and Videon Central middleware running on a fully compliant BD-Live player.


About RCDb


The Related Content Database Inc. (RCDb) is a leading provider of software and services for network-connected Blu-ray discs, players and other connected devices. Founded in 2006, RCDb provides fundamental infrastructure, products and services upon which Blu-ray content owners, web services developers and connected devices manufacturers can rapidly and efficiently build compelling value added services.



Press contact: press@rcdb.net


About Videon Central, Inc.


Videon Central is a leading supplier of digital video solutions for the CE market.  Videon provides intellectual property, engineering design, system integration, and product qualification services to major semiconductor and original equipment manufacturers.  In addition, Videon is an original design manufacturer with experience in the creation of custom products from high-end home theater to in-flight entertainment systems, such as:  DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, LCD displays, servers, and audio/video distribution equipment.



Press contact: info@videon-central.com