Reader ITV: A Story Before Bed

Local TV news coverage of from November 12, 2009 (see a recent news story above) is an incredible find. The concept is simple: purchase a book for $6.99 and then read it via your Web cam as the pages turn. You can annotate the book, too!  Beautifully designed, the final file is saved on the site and then you can send it to your loved ones to view.

I heard about it because a friend of mine Oliver Chin, who has a children's book imprint called (and I edited a few books for him), uses this service to more widely make his books available.

The site was developed and built by Hillel Cooperman's Web design/software firm called Jackson Fish Market. Cooperman is an ex-Microsoft self-proclaimed super geek who wanted to do something wonderful with technology and I think he did. This site launched only a few weeks ago, so it is brand new. 

This is a very elegant idea, but one that could grow big. There's more in the pipeline for this company as well.

Hillel will be discussing this site and more at our TVOT 2010 show March 3-4 in San Francisco.