StoryCorps: Carl McNair On His Brother, Ron, the Astronaut - Challenger Rememberance

I usually post something relevant to interactive television topics here, but I think this merits public visibility everywhere and anywhere.  This AUDIO STORY from the project called StoryCorps (one of my favorite services on the Web) is told by a gentleman named Carl McNair who is/was the brother of Ron McNair, one of the astronauts that tragically died in the Challenger disaster 25 years ago today. Is it really that long ago? I remember it clearly. He tells how his brother back in the late 50's went to the local library in the South to check out books and the librarian told him that the library wasn't for "Coloreds." Carl relates how his brother saw a particular TV show in the 60's (you know - that one) and saw the future and didn't accept the current status of race relations around him. I thought this story was particularly moving as well as very much in the spirit of the TV of Tomorrow and wanted to share it with you. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]