TellyTopia Launches 2nd Digital UGC TV Channel.

No New Set Top Box Required for This Silicon Valley Service.

i2TV Broadcasts UGC on TV Channels:  If you’re serious about getting a local audience to see your latest video creation, why not upload it to a TV station and have it broadcast for everyone to see on their TV?  i2TV is TellyTopia’s viewer video upload platform which allows the next Spielberg or Tarantino to showcase their video productions on a broadcast TV channel not just on YouTube.

Everybody Gets Paid! Once again, this is not a philanthropic endeavor.  TellyTopia’s server engine supports banner ads which appear under the videos at 30 second intervals.  What makes this different from most ad based UGC programs is the money split:  some for the broadcaster, some for TellyTopia and some for the PRODUCER!  So now there’s  a business model for those film students, soccer moms and semi-pro video studios.   Advertisers are getting actual TV exposure for a local audience at a rate of $300 – $500/month – which is far below what the big networks cost.

Silicon Valley is the Second TellyTopia Launch: : After successfully launching i2TV on Sacramento Telco SureWest’s IPTV service in December 2008, TellyTopia launched their “Make Me A TV Star” service on a free ATSC digital channel KAXT 22.8 in the San Francisco Bay Area on August 1, 2009.  New TV moguls simply upload their finished products to the website which reviews it for suitability and puts it into a broadcast loop.  The author is sent an email with a time window of when their program will be broadcast.  Authors can then post a tweet or announcement on Facebook to let their friends know when to watch.

Local Youth Sports on TV:  In April 2009, SureWest extended the i2TV network with a focus on local youth sports.  On channel 702, which can be viewed by any SureWest subscriber, young athletes and parents can watch game highlights on their TVs and online.  “Sacramento residents have been demanding a show like this due to the enthusiasm surrounding youth and high school sports,” said Peter Drozdoff, SureWest’s VP of Marketing. Instead of just sponsoring the local soccer team with an ad on the backs of their shirts, the local pizza parlor (or car dealer or bank or car wash) can put an ad banner on the video highlights of their team’s greatest games.

Shaking Up the Status Quo: According to Dr. Ram Srinivasan, VP of TellyTopia, they have a library of 50,000 videos from 5,000 content producers ready for broadcast.  Whether or not this is enough content or the right mix to ensure TellyTopia will be successful is not for me to predict.  What I like about their approach is that once again, small players are taking risks and creating new entertainment consumption models.  Their enthusiasm and creativity is just what the television industry needs to stay fresh, current and viable.

Keep pushing forward

Jeff Vinson

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