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Jesse Redniss: The Tipping Point Of Tune-in Marketing part Deux! Remind Me To Watch, wherever and whenever fits my viewing habit

By Jesse Redniss Also Read Part Un! Just 10 days ago, Comcast and Twitter announced their groundbreaking “See It” functionality that would be rolling out across the NBCUniversal footprint in November. I posted a quick opinion piece on that here:
Providing insights on why I think this has such a major impact on the TV marketing world, while also hinting at some features that will be paramount to mass adoption. Well, here...

Jesse Redniss: Tipping Point of Tune-in marketing: what “See it” will unleash

By Jesse Redniss Also Read Part Deux! There’s something brewing here that hasn’t been broached by ANY coverage of the groundbreaking Comcast, Twitter and NBCUniversal “See It” and Amplify deal. It’s a monumental shift in how Social media can drive a direct attribution to Tune-in, the allusive “Correlation” Unicorn data point. As this function rolls out beyond just the Comcast footprint and reaches critical mass to actually be an adopted function on every cable system,...

TV of Tomorrow: Video Tech Makes Cars Look Transparent

This video features a quick interview with the inventor of video technology (Japan) that makes the back of the car look transparent. I can see this being widely integrated'deployed by the automakers, but something that the car owner would choose in an upgrade package and/or switch on. Either way, it's pretty cool and could be used in a myriad of ways (creatively and industrially). -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Breaking: New YouTube Interface with Video

BREAKING!!: Seems like a slightly updated YouTube interface that showed up on the Net today - 10/29/2012 - with a video link (see above). It seems more horizontal in orientation than vertical and provides more video windows to the right and below. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Make It So - Book by Nathan Shedroff and Chris Noessel Publishes

Nathan Shedroff and Chris Noessel , both previous and current speakers at our TV of Tomorrow Shows, have finally put their book out called " Make It So: Interactive Design Lessons from Science Fiction ." They presented elements of this book at our last San Francisco show and the year before that. It is well-worth the purchase as these two people are highly-respected experts in their field and have put their hearts into this project,...

Gerard Kunkel's DJ Son, Dane, to Host Huge Charity Concert

[itvt] INDUSTRY COMMUNITY NEWS Gerard Kunkel , the well-known expert executive on advanced design and navigation concepts and technologies (currently Media Strategy Advisor at Microsoft), let us know that his son, DANE KUNKEL (see video above!), has created and will DJ a huge charity event called This event will take place in Trenton, New Jersey on Saturday, September 29, 2012 and will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation . You are welcome to donate...

Google Is Star Trek Interactive!

Fantastic Google Interactive Star Trek today. I'm not sure if it's using Annotations, but I'll be it is or HTML 5. It takes you to a search page for Star Trek. Great job! Want more like it!!! - Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Alfredo Rodriguez Plays "Crossing the Border"

Alfredo Rodriguez plays his very percussive "Crossing the Border" from his Sounds of Space album. On demand TV really delivers greatness on YouTube. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

TV of Tomorrow - Star Trek Infographic

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