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Congratulations to John P. Roberts on Birth of His Son!

ITV veteran, John P. Roberts , SVP of Digital Content & Cross-platform Entertainment at The Hub , contacted us to tell us his good news. John and his wife, Christie, have had their first child called Jason Patrick recently on February 28th at 1:53 AM! He weighed weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. We're very happy for you!! -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

[itvt] Tribute to Steve Jobs - Passes October 5 - Was 56

Steve Jobs died today, October 5, 2011. He was a very young 56. Geniuses always seem to die young. I met him a few years ago when I was attending the D&AD Awards in London. He was sitting at the table next to me and with Jonathan Ive, the great art director at Apple. They were being honored for their work. After the event was over, I went up to him (there were thousands of...

Amazing Osaka Water Fountain

It's like water TV! -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

IntoNow Acquired by Yahoo!

The News : We are hard-working on the TVOT show, so am not able to write this story up entirely until later. Want to get the word out, however, so am posting the press release below. Congratulations to Adam Cahan, the CEO (who will be CEO of IntoNow for now and VP product and technology eventually) for selling the company in a record 12 weeks post-launch (or so he reported to us). [itvt] Context :...

Video: Observing at a Quantum Scale

I'm fascinated with Quantum Physics these days. This very simple cartoon scientist video does a good and entertaining job of explaining why an observer affects a different result in the famous Double Slit experiment. It makes me wonder about the physics of watching and about the power of not only observation but of direct interactivity to affect change. I know this is all esoteric, but sometimes you have to just be an armchair philosopher and...

StoryCorps: Carl McNair On His Brother, Ron, the Astronaut - Challenger Rememberance

I usually post something relevant to interactive television topics here, but I think this merits public visibility everywhere and anywhere. This AUDIO STORY from the project called StoryCorps (one of my favorite services on the Web) is told by a gentleman named Carl McNair who is/was the brother of Ron McNair , one of the astronauts that tragically died in the Challenger disaster 25 years ago today. Is it really that long ago? I remember...

Thanks to the Speakers at TVOT NYC Intensive!

This is a short note to send a heartfelt "Thank You" to all the speakers (about 100) at TVOT NYC Intensive. The attendees really appreciated the passion and intelligence you put into your presentations and comments and we do, too, of course. We will be putting out the sessions one-by-one either publicaly or to the attendees as audio or video so more people can benefit from your expertise and insights or get to know you...

Geoff Katz Voted in 2nd Term for Co-Governorship of the IMPG -

Congratulations to GEOFF KATZ for securing another term as CO-Governor of the Interactive Media Peer Group (IMPG) for the American Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) (otherwise known as the Emmys) alongside Lori Schwartz for the period between 2011 - 2012. We're happy to have you back, Geoff!! -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Astaire Unwound (ceiling dance from Royal Wedding)

While showing my 3 year old the famous Fred Astaire scene when he dances on the ceiling in "Royal Wedding," also found this amazing deconstruction of how it was done by Bigfott Studios. In the spirit of "What's behind the curtain?" I applaud their work. Tracy