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YouTube Gem: Beat It + epic Crazy Chinese Omnipotent China red army

This video is another reason why sharing sites like YouTube have made a real cultural impact. It's not interactive, but...on demand, of course. You have to see the guitar solo! Thanks to my good friend Bob who always finds the good stuff. -- Tracy Swedlow

INTERACTIVE Super YouTube Mario: An Interactive Game

Wow. This SUPER MARIO game really generates page views. You have to be quick.

TV Hat - Forget the iPad: this is real personalized mobile television.

Just couldn't resist. Talk about personalized television. Is this for real? I guess Version 2.0 will have a hard drive, a mini-remote control on the headphone cord, and 4G connectivity? -- Tracy Swedlow [itvt]

Winky Dink for the 21st Century

This is a picture of a magic drawing pad (held by my mother) owned by my daughter. The screen is translucent and illuminated so the drawing appears as if it were neon. This is the 21st Century version of the Woobie from Winky Dink days. -- Tracy Swedlow

Time of Arrival

A sci-fi video I made a few years ago. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Glenn Britt Admits Cable Collaborating with Apple on iPad Use

To Steve Donoghue's credit, he caught Time Warner CEO, Glenn Britt, in the hallways of NCTA in LA this week (see above) to ask him about Brian Roberts' announcement of the Comcast-ready iPad remote. Britt says there is an industry-wide effort through CableLabs to collaborate with Apple (note: CableLabs is working on various broadband TV efforts) on the use of their iPad. What is interesting is that Roberts' said his iPad is working with EBIF...

Consumer Reports Video on 3DTV Comparison

Just watched this video from CR and thought our readers might want to have access to it. They pretty much recommend one manufacturer over the other (Panasonic) and tell you why. Take a look. There is still more to know about buying a 3DTV, however, and they state that towards the end. -- Tracy Swedlow

TVOT 2010: The Overview Video

The TV of Tomorrow Show 2010 took place March 3-5 (Wednesday - Friday) in San Francisco, California. This video is a short overview of what it felt like to be there. To find out how to see or license videos from the show, please contact Tracy at or 415-824-5806.

OEDN's Photo-Video Highlights of TVOT 2010

Thanks to Erin Flood and to Will Kreth at Time Warner Cable's for sponsoring our show and for putting together this very nice photo essay of our TV of Tomorrow Show 2010 in San Francisco. Nicely done! On to your next adventure....! Congratulations to Will for his Award for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television this year! You deserve it. --Tracy Swedlow, Editor [itvt]