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Immersion TV - IDEO

Here's the 3D TV I want in my house. -- Tracy Swedlow, editor [itvt]

TVOT 2009: Tim Kring, Exec. Prod. "Heroes" in conversation with Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, Opportunity Management Company

Finally am posting the great conversation between Tim Kring and Brian Seth Hurst - it was very well received at the conference. There are 4 parts to this conversation. To get to all the videos click here -- Tracy Swedlow, editor, [itvt]

Updates: Comcast Brands "iTV" and Offers SF Bay Area Caller ID

Noticed that Comcast had created an Interactive Television menu selection on the Main Menu. Once you click it, there is a page branded with a new "iTV" logo (fat, blocky letters) and a call to action offering Caller ID to San Francisco Bay Area Triple Play customers. Is it EBIF-enabled? More on this later. -- Tracy Swedlow, editor, [itvt] UPDATES: Mike Ryan, CEO of A Different Engine , sent us some updated info: 1) the...

Allan Thygesen Says: 90's ITV Wink Patent Approved...Finally!

Allan Thygesen reported December 22nd that the patent he wrote while at Wink for analog interactive TV was finally approved at the US Trademark and Patent office December 15th! It was filed June 15, 1999. Here are some comments in the screenshot on his Facebook page. Patent lawyers are certainly thorough.... We hope to hear more on the topic so watch this space. -- Tracy Swedlow LATEST UPDATE: Allan Thygesen wrote in... "We did indeed...

Adobe Myth Hackers: Flash on iPhone!

This funny parody video about the impossibility of Flash on the iPhone features Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch (right with the beret!), and Adobe's SVP and GM, John Loiacono (left with analogue TV). It was produced for fun for attendees of the Adobe MAX 2009 conference and it expertly echoes the ever popular "Myth Busters" show. -- Tracy Swedlow, [itvt]

Cube TV

Reader ITV: A Story Before Bed (see a recent news story above) is an incredible find. The concept is simple: purchase a book for $6.99 and then read it via your Web cam as the pages turn. You can annotate the book, too! Beautifully designed, the final file is saved on the site and then you can send it to your loved ones to view. I heard about it because a friend of mine Oliver Chin, who has a children's...

Bill Niemeyer, Strategist, Racing

I like to catch up with people in the industry from time to time and find out what they do in time not-obsessed with the trials and travails of the interactive TV industry. Here, we see Bill Niemeyer , ITV strategist and veteran numbers-cruncher, practicing his driving skills around the track. Bill driving a (rented) Spec Miata race car at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma during an October 2009 Audi Club high performance driving school. This...

Droid Interactive Digital Signage in Times Square

Verizon/Google Droid platform smartphone has a huge interactive digital signage piece in Times Square. You can also go on their Web page and see it streamed live here. Or, just watch the YouTube video from VerizonWireless TV about it. -- Tracy Swedlow, editor, [itvt]