Updates: Comcast Brands "iTV" and Offers SF Bay Area Caller ID

Noticed that Comcast had created an Interactive Television menu selection on the Main Menu. Once you click it, there is a page branded with a new "iTV" logo (fat, blocky letters) and a call to action offering Caller ID to San Francisco Bay Area Triple Play customers. Is it EBIF-enabled? More on this later. -- Tracy Swedlow, editor, [itvt]

UPDATES:  Mike Ryan, CEO of A Different Engine, sent us some updated info:

1) the app is EBIF and was built by Comcast's TVWorks. Mike says he oversaw the work, which took place over 18 months. Launched within the last 2 months.

2) The long term goal, he says, is "to have the ITV button launch a 'QuickStart' app which would launch other unbound EBIF Apps including the Caller ID Settings app (which is what you're seeing).   Since they don't have other unbound apps yet they're just launching straight to the Caller ID settings app.


[itvt] is veryfying that the logo was designed by Comcast's Guideworks, run by Gerard Kunkel.