Vlogger Central: Zennie Abraham, Irina Slutsky and Me at Mission Pie

Irina Slutsky and Tracy Swedlow: vlogging pioneers

Zennie Abraham and Irina Slutsky (well-known, respected, and loved vloggers) and I ate some pie and quiche at local Mission office, Mission Pie at 25th Street and Mission where we gabbed about the industry, ourselves and the future. What else is one to do on a Wednesdsay night - go out a drown yourself in alcohol!?  No. It's more interesting to gossip about all the people you know and talk shop. So, that's what we did and we had to shoot some video to prove it. Thanks to Zennie who posted this vlog on his page at the San Francisco Chronicle. Zennie, by the way, and his always interesting vlogs, can be found here http://zennie2005.blogspot.com/  (culture, sports, tech - just about everything) and Irina's amazing work (helped by the great Eddie Codel) can be found here http://www.geekentertainment.tv/ (people doing interesting things with all sorts of technology).  Irina's latest post features Ben from Visionary Instruments who builds guitars with an LCD screen (thanks to an LCD stick in the back of the guitar) that shows video or graphic while you play the strings! That video is called:

Video Guitars are the Future of Music

Now, let's see if they will make their videos interactive....!?

-- Tracy Swedlow