Voxtok: High-Quality Audio For Everyone

Voxtok is announcing its audiophile products that are easy to use, feature-rich, and cost effective.


The Voxtok products are offered in two configurations:

 1. Voxtok Hi-Fi System: a complete commercial, hi-fi system including an audiophile-grade device (VXK Capsule), an app (for phones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs) and a set of cloud services.

 2. Voxtok DIY Kit: a software-only solution, based on the Raspberry Pi, to create similar services as the commercial Hi-Fi System. The company will also host and promote open source projects that can be linked with the commercial solution.


“We’re proud to announce this open, simple and high-quality music system. Our complete solution ensures the best integration between these advanced technologies and allows for the creation of many new services”, says Joel Reboul, CEO of Voxtok Inc. “We’re very excited by the crowd-funding campaign we’ll launch in the coming days!”

“We’ve been working very hard to combine the best hardware and software technologies and standards in the same audio system”, added Jean-Charles Verdie, CTO of Voxtok Inc.  “While we offer a great technical solution, the products are designed to be very easy to use.  We think our plan to offer both a commercial and DIY solution is a unique approach that satisfies the audiophile and the geek!”


Voxtok will enable third-party content and services, providing a rich set of home audio, cloud and streaming media to be accessed from the Hi-Fi System.  The Voxtok software solution can also be integrated into third-party audiophile products.

Voxtok has been building prototypes and pre-manufacturing editions of it’s hardware and software. The company will launch its Kickstarter campaign in the coming days.


About Voxtok Inc.

Passionate about music, electronics and software, the Voxtok team have spent almost 20 years in Consumer Electronics, providing some of the most advanced AV products in the industry. Their desire for a better audiophile solution is the engine that powers Voxtok.  Voxtok Inc. headquarters are in the US, with R&D and manufacturing partners in France. www.voxtok.com


Press Contact

Joel Reboul – CEO  (France/Europe) - joel@voxtok.com

Jeff Bonin – Business Development (US/Americas) - jeff@voxtok.com