Voxtok redefines Hi-Fi by combining High-Quality Audio and modern connectivity

VOXTOK use cases

Voxtok aims to end the accumulation of audio devices at home, reduce the number of wires, save space, and make sharing music at home or on-the-go flawless, all without sacrificing audio quality.

To realize our vision, Voxtok has adopted a unique approach: combine a high-end audiophile-grade player, audio server, CD ripper and massive local storage, all in the same box. The Voxtok box is entirely controlled by a tablet or mobile app, which can be a remote control or even a player. This app is also available for Smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes and computers. Cloud services are seamlessly integrated and will offer a wide range of features, including backup, on-the-go streaming and music catalogs.

The internal audiophile-grade player supports the highest quality file formats thanks to its double high-end DAC. The server engine is also able to convert the content on-the-fly to the capabilities of the device you’re using.

The system is very easy to set-up and use and doesn’t require any technical skills or capabilities. The application is intuitive and unique: a single app for many uses: remote control, local player, on-the-go player, and more.

Of course, the system is also compatible with common network features like Apple AirPlay and DLNA. It supports open standards, formats and shared integration interfaces (API).  But none of these acronyms need to make sense to our customers: the system will work intuitively in your home making it easy to find, play and enjoy your music.

Join us, as Voxtok launches a crowdfunding campaign to bring our Hi-Fi vision to you.


About Voxtok Inc.

Passionate about music, electronics and software, the Voxtok team have spent almost 20 years in Consumer Electronics, providing some of the most advanced AV products in the industry. Their desire for a better audiophile solution is the engine that powers Voxtok.  Voxtok Inc. headquarters are in the US, with R&D and manufacturing partners in France. www.voxtok.com

Press Contact

Joel Reboul – CEO  (France/Europe) - joel@voxtok.com

Jeff Bonin – Business Development (US/Americas) - jeff@voxtok.com