Star Trek Movie Augmented Reality ITV Demo

Couldn't resist a bit of interactive TV and augmented reality mixed. -- Tracy

VidSF: Local Journalism Goes Video and Gets Funny is an ingenious way to get your local news fix online as video while working (i.e. "slaving") away inside on a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco or anywhere you happen to be. The founders of are covering all sorts of events and parties, but also providing a showcase for this local news-as-comedy team of Yayne and Ronn. What - you say local comedy and news - can't be done!? Well, they do...

Vlogger Central: Zennie Abraham, Irina Slutsky and Me at Mission Pie

Zennie Abraham and Irina Slutsky (well-known, respected, and loved vloggers) and I ate some pie and quiche at local Mission office, Mission Pie at 25th Street and Mission where we gabbed about the industry, ourselves and the future. What else is one to do on a Wednesdsay night - go out a drown yourself in alcohol!? No. It's more interesting to gossip about all the people you know and talk shop. So, that's what we...

Screens Of The Future, On Video

Omar Gallaga, who reports for Statesmen, which he then reposts to NPR All Tech Considered blog, posted a blog post and some video from the Society for Information Display conference in San Antonio, Texas. This video features some good, short views and comments from people hawking very thin displays, e-ink, 3D projections, and other marvels coming down the pike from the display industry.

Chinese Police Try to Prevent CNN Report By Using Interactive Umbrellas

Interactive Umbrellas? You have to give it to this reporter for working hard to get his report out when the Chinese plain-clothes police were doing all they could to block his camera's view and his ability to speak to the camera. This guy has chutzpah! Click to see CNN video as I couldn't embed here. This is good TV and good "interactive TV" journalism. -- Tracy Swedlow

[itvt] at the Maker Faire in our conTENT Pavilion

Over the weekend, May 30-31st, [itvt] had a booth (albeit last minute) at the Maker Faire , a huge Do-It-Yourself (DIY) festival that welcomes thousands of hands-on technologists, creatives and business executives from Silicon Valley and San Francisco and their families to the San Mateo fair grounds. There, we met a lot of friends, colleagues, artists, new people and welcomed kids into our booth to discover what interactive TV is today and what it might...

Immersive TV: Google's Holodeck 360 Kiosk

Just heard about Google's new "holodeck " that showcases their mapping service in an immersive TV surround video kiosk. This definitely reminds me of that last scene in " Soylent Green " when Edward G. Robinson is surrounded by his favorite images and video before he is to die. It would be great if this kiosk presented the visitor with the ability to interact with the images to find his/her way or map out directions...

Over the Top TV - The Internet and Broadband TV in 1969!

This is an envisioning of the Internet in 1969, but it is also an envisioning of an interactive "over-the-top" TV system that supports all sorts of services and video applications. You won't believe it! -- Tracy Swedlow, editor, [itvt]

Star Wars Part 4 vs. New Star Trek Movie Comparison TV

This really will open your eyes if you are interested in Comparison TV. An excellent device, this compares the plot line of the original Star Wars movie with that of the new J.J. Abrams "Star Trek." Pretty similiar....Amazing. -- Tracy Swedlow