Does ITVT produce conferences and events?

Yes, you can find all our events at The TV of Tomorrow Show site http://www.tvotshow.com  We have our annual San Francisco show (2-days) usually in May or June and our "Intensive" TVOT NYC show usually in early December.

Who are ITVT readers?

ITVT readers are usually executives working in the multiplatform and interactive television industry from a variety of market segments and from around the world. Most of our readers are, obviously, English speakers, but we reach a very international audience.

What market segments do you cover?

They include: MSOs (cable, satellite, telco, mobile), broadband companies, financial firms, film studios, programmers and broadcasters, Web companies, social networks, software and hardware developers, consumer electronics, retailers, brand advertisers, ad agencies, strategic agencies, content producers, design agencies, infrastructure providers, industry consortia, governments, broadband providers, press/media outlets, research firms, marketing firms, and many others!

What is the reach of ITVT?

About 7.2 million people worldwide.

How can I get our news to be covered or be interviewed on your Radio ITVT podcasts?

Please click the BUTTON below to make an appointment with Tracy Swedlow or email her at tracyswedlow@gmail.com or 415-608-4766 and let us know what's going on with your company any time. We respect embargoes/NDAs. We're happy to discuss doing an interview, but we cannot always promise that we will cover your news or schedule an interview. It really depends on what is going on in the market and the time we have at the moment. We're always open to hearing from you, however!

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