INdusty: ACR TV Deep Dive with Zeitera CEO, Dan Eakins

In this latest installment of INdustry, we delve into some of the more interesting insider issues around the emergence of automatic content recognition (ACR) on smart TV's. Our guest is Dan Eakins, CEO of ACR vendor, Zeitera. Dan has been at this for quite some time and offers a thoughtful view of how things will play out in the coming years. In this video interview, we dig in a bit into some of the fabric of this emerging marketplace.

A brief outline of the topics in the video, more or less in order:

  • Quick intro to ACR technology vendor, Zeitera.
  • The ACR TV marketplace is heating up.
  • Competitive analysis of Zeitera and various competitors.
  • Market timing. What to expect in 2012-2014.
  • App-centric thinking is a mistake in some cases.
  • What drives market adoption?
  • How many mobile phones equal one smart TV?
  • Can ACR be backwards-compatible with existing TV's?
  • Is dynamic ad insertion (DAI) really real?
  • If so, when?
  • Replacing ads in China and India.
  • DAI vs. ITV? Where do you stand?
  • Can/will broadcasters and TV suppliers build a new marketplace?


Michael is the president and CEO of MediaTech Strategies, a consulting company that helps investors and operating companies develop and capitalize on emerging media technologies.   He has over 18 years' experience in the media technology business, including previous CEO roles at Ucentric Systems, where he pioneered the multiroom DVR category and PhyFlex Networks, where he developed a new access network solution for cable.  Michael previously held senior executive positions with OpenTV, ICTV (now ActiveVideo Networks), Motorola and Playboy TV.  Through his consulting practice, he has provided services to more than 50 companies of all types, stages and size.