TVOT NYC 2014 Session: "Reconceiving TV Measurement and Analytics"

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2014 session, "Reconceiving TV Measurement and Analytics: New Strategies and Techniques for Understanding the Audience." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"This session will examine the many ways in which our ability to understand and generate data about the television audience is evolving. Among other things, panelists will explore how measurement companies are adapting their techniques in light of TV Everywhere, unbundling, and other phenomena that make television an increasingly IP-delivered, cross-platform, time- and place-shifted medium; how the measurement space is responding to the fact that non-traditional programming (such as YouTube channels, smart-TV programming services, etc.) is becoming increasingly popular among Millennials and other younger viewers; and how new techniques are emerging for deepening our understanding of the TV audience, its habits and its motivations, including techniques for relating viewing directly to purchasing behavior, and techniques that encourage viewers to help generate detailed data about themselves.

The panel will bring together both established measurement and data/analytics companies that are successfully adapting to the changing measurement/data space, and upstarts that are promoting new ways of measuring and generating data on audiences." Panelists included:

  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, CIMM (Moderator)
  • Srishti Gupta, President, Media Excellence Center, IRI
  • Cathy Hetzel, Corporate President, Rentrak
  • Lung Huang, VP of Global Partnerships, Dunnhumby
  • Bob Ivins, SVP of Business Development, Rovi
  • Henry Lawson, CEO,
  • Steve White, CEO, Clarivoy




North America