Radio [itvt]: Insights Track at TVOT 2015: "Meet the Plurals"

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of "Meet the Plurals: Beyond Millennials--The Next Generation of Video Consumers," a session from the The TV of Tomorrow Show 2015 Insights Track, which was organized by Frank N. Magid Associates. The session was described in the TVOT 2015 show brochure as follows: 
"As we focus on Millennials, the next generation is already entering college and the workforce. And while Millennials are deemed to be the first 'Digital Natives,' Plurals have grown up with time-shifting as the norm, mobile connectivity as commonplace, and video across all devices as a birthright. As we approach the end of the day, we will take the opportunity to meet a live panel of the next generation that will bring their own attitudes and perspectives to the TV of Tomorrow. Prepare to be schooled!" 
The moderator of the session was Sharalyn Orr, Executive Director, Magid Generational Strategies

North America