Radio: The BBC's Managing Editor of TV Platforms, John Denton, Discusses BBC Red Button

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," the BBC's managing editor of TV platforms, John Denton, provides a comprehensive overview of the corporation's BBC Red Button interactive TV service, which is available on all the UK's major digital TV platforms.

Topics covered include red-button interactive TV projects that Denton and his team are currently working on; which kinds of red-button interactive TV applications and programming have proved most popular with viewers; usage figures for the BBC Red Button service (note: an average of around 11 million viewers access it each week); new efforts to ramp up marketing of the service (including through a Twitter account: @bbcredbutton); how red-button interactive TV is incorporated into the BBC's programming development and production processes; methods and procedures that the BBC Red Button team has developed in order to make the application-creation process more efficient; how the BBC Red Button team is working to adapt the service to take advantage of the increasing popularity of broadband-connected televisions and set-tops, and to address the fact that the TV universe is becoming increasingly multiplatform; and much, much more. (Note: For more on BBC Red Button, see, for example, the article on the service's roadmap, published on, May 10th; and [itvt]'s most recent round-up of the BBC Red Button programming schedule, published on, July 16th.)