"Dynamic Ad Insertion: Will the Monetization It Promises Transform VOD?" at TVOT NYC Intensive 2011

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the session, "Dynamic Ad Insertion: Will the Monetization It Promises Transform VOD?," which was one of the highlights of our recent TVOT NYC Intensive event (took place December 5th in New York City).

The session was described in the TVOT NYC Intensive 2011 brochure as follows:

"For a long time, advertising had to be, as it were, 'baked' into on-demand programming. This lack of flexibility meant that ads associated with free-on-demand programming were often untimely, irrelevant and ultimately inefficient, making it difficult for content providers to monetize free VOD. The end result of this has been that the line-ups of free programming on pay-TV operators' VOD platforms are still quite limited in comparison to the breadth of content available through linear-TV channels. Now, however, dynamic ad insertion--which allows ads to be swapped out on the fly--is being trumpeted as having the potential to revitalize the VOD advertising market and thereby the free VOD space in general. The ability for programmers to monetize VOD, the argument goes, will provide them with an incentive to offer a much broader range of on-demand programming, and this--coupled with improvements in pay-TV operators' navigation systems that promise to dramatically improve the viewer's experience of VOD--will finally allow VOD to flourish as a medium in its own right. In addition to providing an update on efforts to implement dynamic VOD advertising, this session is intended to encourage dialog between a) programmers seeking to resolve the business issues that have hitherto prevented them from fully embracing free VOD, b) cable-industry representatives who are seeking to use dynamic ad insertion to enable free VOD to emerge as a vibrant market for advertising, and c) media buyers upon whose spending decisions the success of those efforts will ultimately hinge."

Panelists included:

  • Jason Forbes, SVP of Strategy, New Products & Marketing, Time Warner Cable Media
  • Harvey Kent, Chief Media Strategist, Donovan Data Systems
  • Rick Mandler, VP of Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Digital Media Group
  • Chris Pizzurro, General Manager of VOD Solutions, Canoe Ventures
  • Todd Spangler, Technology Editor, Multichannel News (Moderator)
  • Nick Troiano, President, BlackArrow
North America