Exclusive: Glamzy Partners with Velope.tv to Bring its Make-Up App to Connected-TV Platforms

--Velope.TV's Michael Gregor and Glamzy's Austin Hunter Discusses their Work on the App with [itvt]

Velope.tv, an interactive studio that specializes in application development for emerging platforms, has partnered with Glamzy, the company behind the mobile make-up app of the same name, in order to bring the Glamzy app to various "smart" platforms including connected TV's. Among other things, the partnership sees Velope.tv developing a licensable white-label version of the Glamzy app, and targeting the app for distribution on Google TV, Vizio VIA, Samsung, LG and Roku. The company is also working with Glamzy to extend the app's feature set.

According to Velope.tv and Glamzy, they are taking into account user suggestions in order to optimize the customer experience of the connected-TV version of the Glamzy app, which is slated to launch in the fourth quarter









[itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow recently spoke to Velope.tv founder and CTO, Michael Gregor, and Glamzy founder and president, Austin Hunter, about their companies' work on the Glamzy app, about the app's feature set and business model, about the ways in which it could serve as a companion app for broadcast programming, about the state of the connected-TV app ecosystem in general, and more.



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