Augmented Reality

Ireland's MercuryGirl to Develop "Travel-Oriented Layers" for SPRXmobile's Layar AR Browser

--Doritos Teams with Blink-182, Big Boi on Augmented Reality Promotion
In a posting on its corporate blog earlier this week, MercuryGirl , a Dublin, Ireland-based developer of applications for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphone platforms, revealed that it has been awarded a developer account for SPRXmobile's Layar augmented reality browser (note: for more on the Layar platform--which superimposes layers of interactive digital information on top of real-time video on a smartphone's camera screen-- see the articles published on, June 17th and July 9th,...

A&E Uses Augmented Reality Game to Promote New Season of "Criss Angel: Mindfreak"

US cable channel, A&E , has tapped New York-based creative communications agency, , to develop an augmented reality game in order to drive interest in the new season of its magic-themed show, "Criss Angel: Mindfreak" (premieres August 12th). Dubbed "The Five Lives of Criss Angel Augmented Reality Experience" and located on A&E's Web site ( ), the game challenges viewers to navigate a "game piece" that always levitates upwards, through a series of 3D mazes.

New AR Platform Lets Mobile Users Leave, View Messages, Photos, Animations in Physical Locations

--Augmented Reality Round-Up: Tweetmondo's Twitter App, Lionsgate's Lap Dance, Kia's Hamster Game
A Munich-based company called metaio says that it has developed a smartphone-based augmented reality platform called metaio World. According to the company, the platform will allow users to associate their own content--including Twitter messages, photos, and 3D animations--with any real-world location, so that it can be viewed by other users who subsequently happen upon that location. "You now can turn places into your own hotspots," metaio explains on its Web site. "By leaving traces, messages...

BMT Group, Fraunhofer Team on Smartphone-Based Augmented Reality "Guide Book"

--App Would Allow Visitors to Europe to See How Historic Ruins Looked in their Heyday
UK-based engineering consultancy, BMT Group , said Monday that it has teamed with Germany's Fraunhofer research institute to develop a smartphone-based augmented reality application that it calls an "ultimate guide book." Dubbed iTacitus (an acronym for "intelligent tourism and cultural information through ubiquitous services") and developed under the auspices of a two-year project that is funded by the EU's Sixth Framework program and that also involves a number of other companies and organizations (more information...

Best Buy Uses Augmented Reality to Make its Print Advertising Interactive

--Open Source Augmented Reality Tookit for Apple iPhone 3GS Launched
Consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy , is using augmented reality to make the weekly print ads that it inserts in newspapers interactive and three-dimensional. The ads invite consumers to go to a dedicated Web site ( ), where a video instructs them on how to hold the ads in front of their Web cam in order to trigger a 3D-style augmented reality animation: the animation (or at least the version that [itvt] saw: we...

Procter & Gamble to Use Augmented Reality to Make Print Advertising Interactive

Procter & Gamble has revealed plans to use augmented reality technology to make print ads for its Always Infinity brand of feminine pads interactive. What appears to be a prototype of the new ads (unless P&G has significantly scaled back its stated technological ambitions for the campaign--see the quote from the company below; [itvt] was unable to reach P&G to resolve the issue before we went to press) is available as a .PDF file at...

iPhone Augmented Reality Apps to Be Available in Apple App Store by September

--New "Augmented ID" App Uses Facial-Recognition Tech to Discover People's Social Networking Info
According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Friday, Apple recently told Acrossair , the developer of the Nearest Tube subway-finding application profiled on, July 9th (note: Acrossair has since launched New York and San Francisco Bay Area versions of the app), that it will officially support augmented reality applications with the next release (version 3.1) of its iPhone OS software, and that such applications will launch in the Apple App Store in...

New Interviews with Rovi's Richard Bullwinkle, Adobe's Anup Murarka, SPRXmobile's Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, and CloverLeaf Digital's Lawrence Brickman

--Topics Covered Include the Future of the EPG, Connected TV, Augmented Reality, Walled Gardens
[itvt] has just published interviews with Richard Bullwinkle , chief evangelist for Rovi (formerly Macrovision) ; Anup Murarka , director of technology strategy and partner development for Flash at Adobe Systems ; Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald , co-founder of SPRXmobile ; and Lawrence Brickman , co-founder and managing partner of CloverLeaf Digital . Bullwinkle discusses Rovi's (formerly Macrovision) new positioning and its just-announced "Liquid" digital media guide, which it bills as expanding on its traditional EPG products...

SPRXmobile Opens Up its Layar Augmented Reality Platform to Developers

--AR Round-Up: TwittAround Twitter Viewer, Apple iPhone Petition, Nearest Tube and FoodTracer Apps
Dutch mobile technology provider, SPRXmobile , announced Wednesday that it is opening up its mobile augmented reality browser, Layar, which it launched just last month, to developers (note: for more on the Layar browser, see the article posted on, June 17th ). The browser, which will initially be available free-of-charge in the Netherlands for handsets running the Android operating system, displays real-time digital information on top of a mobile phone's camera screen--effectively transforming reality...

Warner Bros. Holding Interactive Video Contest to Promote Next "Harry Potter" Movie

--Contest Gives Entrants Option of Using Augmented Reality Application
Warner Bros . is holding an interactive video contest to promote the July 15th opening of the latest movie in the "Harry Potter" franchise, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Dubbed "The Advanced Potion-Making Experience" and featured on YouTube ( ), the contest invites visitors to create their own potion-making videos and share them with their friends: multiple videos can be submitted by each entrant, but videos must be no longer than a minute-and-a-half,...