Augmented Reality

New Interactive Video/Augmented Reality Apps Unveiled for Clothes Shopping, Wimbledon

--Apps Developed by Zugara, IBM
Los Angeles-based interactive marketing agency, Zugara , unveiled an interactive video/augmented reality application, Tuesday, called the Webcam Social Shopper. According to the company, the app allows Webcam-equipped users to virtually hold up articles of clothing in front of themselves in order to see how they look on them--while integrated motion capture technology allows the app to track their movements, and thereby also enables them to control the app by moving their hands in space (in...

SPRXmobile Launches "Augmented Reality" Browser for Android Mobile Phones

--Displays Real-Time Interactive Information over Phone's Camera Screen
Dutch mobile technology provider, SPRXmobile , launched a product called Layar , Tuesday, which it bills as the "world's first mobile Augmented Reality browser." The browser, which will initially be available free-of-charge in the Netherlands for handsets running the Android operating system, displays real-time digital information on top of a mobile phone's camera screen--effectively transforming reality into a giant, real-time interactive video experience. While looking through their phone's camera lens, SPRXmobile says, users can see...