Google TV News Round-Up

--"Social GTV" App Launched
--Funny or Die Launches Google TV Comedy App
--Blancspot Launches Google TV Social News App
--Software Update Upgrades Google TV to Android 3.2
--Google Asks FCC for Permission to Test WiFi- and Bluetooth-Enabled "Entertainment Device"
The Google TV platform has generated a fair amount of news over the past few days. Here is a round-up: Google has launched a Google TV app called Social GTV . "What is Social GTV?" the app's creator, Will Carter, writes on the Google TV blog. "It is an app that allows you to show in-the-moment, relevant tweets overlayed on top of whatever you are watching, and it works with any show or event on...

Comedy Central Contest Gives Viewers Chance to Appear as an Animated Character in "South Park"

Comedy Central on Wednesday launched a contest/promotion that gives viewers the chance to see an animated version of themselves included in the premiere episode of the 14th season (March 2010) of the show, "South Park." The so-called "Become a South Park Citizen" watch-and-win sweepstakes launched Wednesday night, during a new episode of "South Park" entitled "Dead Celebrities." It invites viewers to watch the show each week in order to spot a hidden alien character, and...