The iTV Doctor Is In! To Hack, or Not to Hack...

...that is the question--Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Upheaval Or to take Arms against a Sea of Competitors (with sincere apologies to Wm. Shakespeare). We all know it's not your grandfather's, or even your father's cable industry anymore. We have an enormously successful and profitable subscription television business model that we are in the process of carefully throwing overboard in favor of a variety of direct-to-consumer strategies. And we have a LOT to figure out.

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! TVOT Hackathon Winner, TVDuffle, Has Launched!

Dear Readers: In the annals of Interactive Television Aspirations, three user experiences always come up: Jennifer Aniston's Sweater, Pizza and Travel. And in the past decade, I (like many of my readers) have tried my hand at each of those.

[itvt] Presents...The tvot^ Hackathon 2014: A Contest to Invent the TV of Tomorrow

  • Unique Hackathon Event, which Brings Together Developers, Directors, Designers and Other Experts and Creatives from the Worlds of Television, Online Video, Advertising, Big Data and Beyond, Will Take Place June 7th-8th, at the SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco
  • Hackathon Finalists Will Be Showcased and the Winner Announced June 10th at the Eighth Annual TV of Tomorrow Show
  • $6,000 Grand Prize, Sponsored by Gracenote
  • Sponsors and Supporting Organizations Include National Geographic Channels (Exclusive Content Sponsor), Gracenote (Grand Prize/Organizational Sponsor), DirecTV, Boxfish and TransmediaSF
HACKERLEAGUE PAGE [itvt] is pleased to announce the tvot^ Hackathon 2014, a unique event that brings together hackers, directors, and other creatives and experts from the worlds of television, online video, advertising, big data, visual and sound design, display technology, art, music and beyond, to envision and build the TV of Tomorrow . What is the TV of Tomorrow? As with our last two Hackathon events-- the tvot^ Hackathon 2013 and the TVOT NYC Hackathon...

[itvt] Presents...The TVOT NYC 2013 Hackathon

  • Unique Event, whose Sponsors Include Comcast/NBCU and zeebox, Will Take Place December 10th and 11th in New York City
  • Hackathon Finalists Will Be Showcased and the Winner Announced December 11th at TVOT NYC 2013
  • Hackathon Winner Will Receive a $6,000 Grand Prize , Sponsored by Comcast, NBC Universal and zeebox
#tvothack [itvt], producer of the TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) conference series, is pleased to announce the TVOT NYC 2013 Hackathon , an event that brings together hackers and creatives to envision and build the TV of Tomorrow. What is the TV of Tomorrow ? As with our last Hackathon event , we'll leave that entirely up to your vision and creativity! However, it could encompass such phenomena, platforms, technologies and user experiences as binge...

Columns and Articles on TVOT 2013

[itvt] is pleased to present some recent columns and articles on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 and the first ever tvot^ Hackathon :
' Taking a Gaze Into The Future of Television ," by Leslie Ellis in Multichannel News . A write-up of the tvot Hackathon , by Mark Yamada on the TMS blog. " Key Takeaways from the 2013 TVOT Show ," by Ashley Swartz on itvt.com. A write-up of TVOT...

TVOT Hackathon to Feature $5,000 Grand Prize, Sponsored by Dolby Labs

--Other Prizes Include Cash, Tablets, Smartphones and Smart TV's
#tvothack [itvt] is pleased to announce the prizes for the first-ever tvot^ Hackathon ( June 22nd-23rd , at the offices of Ignite Video--the actual building where Philo Farnsworth invented electronic television): $5,000 Grand Prize , sponsored by Dolby Labs Two "VIP Box" Runner-Up Prizes, also sponsored by Dolby Labs. Each VIP Box contains a Kindle Fire HD with Dolby Sound, an Amazon Gift Card, and Gourmet Popcorn Gracenote API Prize: $2,000 Samsung Developer API Prize:...

[itvt] Presents...The tvot^ Hackathon: a Contest to Invent the TV of Tomorrow

Break>Remake TV! REGISTRATION AND DEDICATED SITE : http://hack.tvot.com DATE & PLACE : June 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday), 202 Green Street, San Francisco, California PLATFORMS BEING USED : iOS, Android, Connected TV, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs SDKs: Synchronizing Mobile with TV and Metadata ( Gracenote ), Mobile Video Editing ( Ignite Video ), Commerce ( PayPal ), 3D Motion ( Leap Motion ), Voice Control ( Nuance ), Connected TV ( Samsung Developers ), Online Video Storytelling ( Pemberley...