Harper's Island

CBS Moves Multiplatform Social TV Series, "Harper's Island," to Saturday

--Claims Show is Attracting "Passionate Audience" of DVR Users and Online Viewers
Broadcast network CBS announced Monday that "Harper's Island"--a multiplatform, social TV-enhanced mystery series that [itvt] reported on yesterday--will move to Saturday (9:00-10:00PM ET/PT), as of May 2nd, where it will form the first hour of a two-hour block of original mystery programming with "48 Hours Mystery" (10:00-11:00PM ET/PT). The broadcaster purportedly made the decision to move the show to the less desirable timeslot because its greatest strength is with timeshifting and online audiences. It says...

CBS.com Now Offering Facebook Connect Support

--New CBS Show, "Harper's Island," Integrates Social TV Elements
CBS Interactive announced last week that its CBS.com Web site is now offering Facebook Connect support, allowing fans of CBS Television shows to quickly and easily log into the site using their existing Facebook account. The company--which claims that CBS.com is the first broadcast network site to support Facebook Connect--says that as a result, when fans of its shows contribute or interact on CBS.com, they can now also publish their actions back to Facebook, sharing...