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Televisionation: Friday Fireside: Centriply’s Scott Stansfield in Conversation with The iTV Doctor

Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry Today’s episode features Friday Fireside sponsor, Scott Stansfield, Co-Founder and President of Centriply. We continue the conversation started on May 1st with Sinclair Broadcast Group's Rob Weisbord, and on May 8th with National Media's Evan Tracey. The television advertising industry is going to be flooded with "buy orders" in Q3, from retail, CPG, auto, travel and political...

TVOT SF 2017 Keynote: Chris Ripley, President and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2017 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the Wednesday, June 28th keynote featuring Chris Ripley , President and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group , in conversation with Rick Howe , The iTV Doctor . We have also included this information below. The full TVOT 2017 Schedule of Sessions is available at: Purchase your TVOT 2017 tickets here:

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! Who Are the New TV Consumers?

Dear Readers : In 1974 I was working as a rookie marketing manager in one of Monty Rifkin's ATC systems--All American Cablevision in Columbus, Ohio. I had the brainstorm of matching rudimentary census tract information to subscriber accounts by using the unused "check digit" at the end of the account number. Cable Data (remember them?) added that number randomly, but ATC wasn't using it. So, with only a half-dozen census tracts in our portion of Columbus, we could use it.

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In!: "If You Build It, They Will Come." And then They Will Go

We have just announced the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015 (June 23rd-24th in the Golden Gate Club of the Presidio of San Francisco). Click here to view it. Dear Readers :

itV Doctor Column: What Bull Durham Taught us about OTT

Dear Readers : There is a classic quote from Ebby Calvin ("Meat") LaLoosh in "Bull Durham" that is very appropriate for our wacky business these days: "Baseball's a very simple game: you throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball." And television is a very simple business: you make the show, you distribute the show, you watch the show. And in all honesty, a lot of the talk about THE DISRUPTIVE IMPACT...

The iTV Doctor Is In! OTT and the Kitchen Table

Dear Readers : At TVOT 2014 San Francisco, we had an all-star cast of panelists at our Virtual MSO panel: Sherry Brennan from Fox Networks; Mick Darling from Tomorrowish; Paul Johnson from MPP Global; Adam Lowy from Dish Network; Tom Morgan from Net2TV; Eric Fitzgerald Reed from Verizon; and Eduard Zaslavsky from WebTuner

The iTV Doctor Is In! To Hack, or Not to Hack...

...that is the question--Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Upheaval Or to take Arms against a Sea of Competitors (with sincere apologies to Wm. Shakespeare). We all know it's not your grandfather's, or even your father's cable industry anymore. We have an enormously successful and profitable subscription television business model that we are in the process of carefully throwing overboard in favor of a variety of direct-to-consumer strategies. And we have a LOT to figure out.

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! It's Time to Get in the OTT Game

Dear iTV Doctor : I need your help. I'm watching my competitors launch direct-to-consumer channels online. I have a library of content just sitting around gathering dust. And my ad revenues are shrinking as viewers are cutting the cords with my distribution partners. The old business models just don't work anymore. Lagging in Los Angeles. Dear Lagging :

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! Multi-Sourced Content Curation from aioTV

Dear Readers : I was talking to a senior programming exec. from one of the network families the other day, and he was bemoaning the disconnect between his enormous library of content, and his ability to monetize it. He said, "I'm like an independent farmer--land rich and cash poor. I have a gigantic library of content, and the only way I can make money is to license it through the cable and satellite guys. But they're only using a fraction of what I've got. Something has to change."

[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! TVOT Hackathon Winner, TVDuffle, Has Launched!

Dear Readers: In the annals of Interactive Television Aspirations, three user experiences always come up: Jennifer Aniston's Sweater, Pizza and Travel. And in the past decade, I (like many of my readers) have tried my hand at each of those.