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[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! Actually, It's Not OTT; It's Television

Dear Readers : The television and entertainment industry is flush with news and opinion stories appearing daily, often hourly, on OTT and its impact on the business. Today I'm going to dispense with the Over The Top (OTT) label and call it for what it really is: Television. Witness some of the recent announcements and trends:

The iTV Doctor Is In! Dis-Integration and Reincarnation

Dear Readers : It's been a wild and wooly few weeks since we last talked, and the OTT provider segment is getting crowded. It seems that every television network family has either announced their plans, or is waiting for the right time, along with every service provider. And I expect the content producers and studios won't be far behind.

The iTV Doctor Is In!: The Shape of Things to Come

Dear Readers : I was having dinner with my wife and her long-lost cousin this week, and he asked me if I was still working in "Cable TV." I kinda hemmed and hawed, because I always find it difficult to explain to civilians exactly what I do--hell, it's difficult to explain to my FAMILY what I do. So I said something inane about social media and second screens and television. And then the engineer in him spoke directly to the marketer in me: "Show me." So I pulled out the trusty iPhone and said, "Before too long, this will be your set-top box."

The iTV Doctor Is In!: The Man on the Street

Dear Readers: I had an opportunity to do some "man on the street" interviews this past weekend at our local fall festival. The topic was multiscreen television. Those of us in the business understand both the clear concept and the much-less-clear reality of multiscreen television. But our friend Mr. Man on the Street tends to have a very personal relationship with television, as evidenced by his answers to questions that I posed to a couple dozen people. These responses are amalgamated.

New iTV Doctor Column Focuses on Need for Better Data on the Interactive TV Consumer

--Rick Howe to Be Inducted into Cable TV Pioneers' Class of 2011
[itvt] has just published the LATEST EDITION of Rick Howe' s regular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! " This edition sees the good doctor sharing some thoughts on the need for better data on the interactive TV consumer.