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The iTV Doctor Is In: Box and the Second Screen

Dear iTV Doctor: I read your columns about the necessity for second-screen providers to connect to operators' set-top boxes, and I'm a believer! Making that initial connection through the box, and then tracking the program with ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) is clearly the way to go. But I've just looked at one operator's Web site and seen the number of set-top boxes I have to connect to, and all of a sudden I'm not quite...

The iTV Doctor Is In!: Second Screens and the Olympics, Ch. 3

Dear Readers : I intended to write this wrap-up column on Second Screens and the Olympics on Monday. But the events of Saturday morning suggested to me that a preface was in order. Let me also say that, in additional to being a baseball junkie, I am a news junkie. And my college journalism mentor is never far from my shoulder.

Mitt Romney announced on Friday that he would be announcing his VP pick on Saturday morning from Norfolk, VA. All the news outlets--print, radio, television and digital--had plenty of advance notice.

The iTV Doctor Is In!: Second Screens and the Olympics, Ch. 2

Dear Readers : We got some feed back from last week's column , particularly my comments about the future of ACR: While most agreed that set-top box (STB) sync is coming quickly, and has some distinct advantages, it appears that a combination of STB sync and ACR might actually deliver the best experience.

The iTV Doctor Interview: Viggle President, Chris Stephenson

Dear Readers : The ACTIVITY in the second-screen interactive television space is exploding. But, as with all fast-growing technology, the BUSINESS of second-screen interactive television has some open questions. The following interview asks some of those questions, a few of which remain unanswered.

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Canoe Story, Chapter Two: The Salesman

Dear Readers: I have a friend who is a skydiver. And while I occasionally doubt her sanity for engaging in such a risky pursuit, she tells me that virtually all skydiving deaths are caused by a cascading series of bad decisions. In skydiving you can survive one bad decision: failing to check and properly calculate wind speeds and directions. You might even survive a second bad decision: going ahead with your fancy maneuvers, even though the wind had changed. Your third bad decision can kill you: believing you can hit the original landing zone, even as you drift into the power line.

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Canoe Story, Chapter One: The CEO

Dear Readers: When Canoe Ventures decided to close down their iTV operation and concentrate on dynamic ad insertion for VOD, they made a decision to throw iTV advertising development and deployment back into the hands of the individual operators and programmers. That was probably the only reasonable business decision for the Canoe partners, given the slow pace of adoption of single-screen iTV advertising by the marketplace.

The iTV Doctor Is In!: Searching for Guidance

Dear iTV Doctor:

The iTV Doctor Is In!: What Caused Canoe to Capsize?

Dear Readers: Next week we begin a series on Canoe Ventures . The collapse of Canoe was a shock to some, and overdue to others. But everybody has something to say, both on the record and off. And the iTV Doctor is all ears. We've already gotten information on the timing of the Canoe decision--the degree to which a few business contracts expiring shortly hastened the decision. And how some key structural decisions in 2006/2007 may have doomed Canoe before it even launched.

"Operators Look to Own the Second Screen" at TVOT NYC Intensive 2011

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the session, "Operators Look to Own the Second Screen," which was one of the highlights of our recent TVOT NYC Intensive event (took place December 5th in New York City). The session was described in the TVOT NYC Intensive 2011 brochure as follows:

The iTV Doctor Is In!: What Do the Operators Do Now?

Dear Readers : When I started on this column last week, we hoped to publish it on Monday night (for a Tuesday morning audience). Because of the heavy news load on Monday and again on Tuesday, we're now publishing on Wednesday night--just after the news about Canoe surfaced. In a press announcement today, newly appointed Canoe CEO Joel Hassell said, "Canoe will conclude its national interactive TV initiatives. Cable's ITV business will continue through the...