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New iTV Doctor PROFILES Column Features Cox's Video Strategy Chief, Steve Necessary

--Plus Edgar Villalpando on Google TV and Steve Jobs' Recent Comments on Cable's STB Business Model
[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe 's column, " The iTV Doctor: PROFILES ." This edition features Steve Necessary , VP of video strategy and product management at Cox Communications . Necessary discusses, among other things, Cox's ongoing work in implementing SelecTV/EBIF and tru2way/OCAP, and reveals what happened to "On Ramp to OCAP."

In addition, [itvt] blogger, Edgar Villalpando , SVP of marketing at ActiveVideo Networks ,...

New Interviews with AETN's Mark Garner and Jinni's Mike Pohl

--New iTV Doctor Column Featuring Motorola's Jim Owens, Cisco's Ben Hollin, TiVo's Tara Maitra
--Plus Michael Collette on Google TV
[itvt] has just published interviews with Mark Garner , SVP of distribution, marketing and business development at A&E Television Networks (AETN) , and with Mike Pohl , CEO of "mood-based" search-and-recommendation company, Jinni .

Garner discusses AETN's interactive TV plans for its various networks (including A&E, History and Lifetime), its tcommerce partnership with Delivery Agent, his views on OTT platforms, ranging from Google TV to the Apple iPad, and much more...

New Interview with Delivery Agent CEO, Mike Fitzsimmons; Two New Columns from The iTV Doctor

--Fitzsimmons Discusses his Company's Acquisition of The Band, and the Tcommerce Space in General
--The iTV Doctor Discusses Program Guides and Telescopic Interactive TV Advertising
[itvt] has just published an interview with Mike Fitzsimmons , founder and CEO of Delivery Agent , a company which specializes in developing digital commerce solutions for entertainment/media companies (its clients include ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, Discovery, HBO, Showtime, A&E, MTV, among around 200 others), and which earlier this week announced that it had acquired The Band, an interactive media agency that develops and deploys advanced media campaigns across the full spectrum of TV...

New iTV Doctor Column Features Sangita Verma on TAG's Plans to Open its Platform to Third Parties

--Plus Easel TV's Bill Scott Asks, "What Does a Well-Executed TV App Store Mean for Pay-TV?"
[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe 's regular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! " In this edition, Sangita Verma , co-founder of TAG Networks , the interactive TV games company that earlier this week announced that it had been acquired by ActiveVideo Networks , discusses plans to open up TAG's games platform to third-party developers.

In addition, [itvt] blogger, Bill Scott , COO of Easel TV...

New iTV Doctor Column on Interactive TV Advertising

[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe 's regular column , " The iTV Doctor Is In! " This week, the iTV Doctor examines methods for solving a problem inherent in interactive TV advertising: how to ensure that viewers who interact with ads during commercial breaks do not miss any of the program they were watching before they initiated their interaction.

In addition, [itvt] blogger, Edgar Villalpando , SVP...

New Sound Off! Column Features Mark Cuban, Steve Necessary, Bob Greene on OTT vs. Cable

[itvt] has just published a new edition of Sound Off! , our new column from the iTV Doctor , Rick Howe . The column features HDNet chairman, Mark Cuban ; Cox Communications ' VP of video product development and support, Steve Necessary ; and Bob Greene , currently managing director of TCM Partners , and formerly EVP of advanced services at Starz Entertainment, discussing over-the-top (OTT) vs. cable.

New Interview with CEO, David Del Beccaro, on Music Choice's New Interactive TV Network, SWRV

--Plus New iTV Doctor Column on ActiveVideo Networks and its Cloud-Based Approach to ITV
[itvt] has just published a radio interview with David Del Beccaro , founder, president and CEO of multiplatform music programmer, Music Choice . Del Beccaro discusses Music Choice's new interactive TV network, SWRV , covering such topics as the technology infrastructure that drives the network's interactivity, its line-up of interactive programs, Music Choice's strategy and roadmap for the network, why the company decided to launch an interactive network at this time, and much more.

New iTV Doctor Columns Featuring Time Warner Cable's Joan Gillman, Zap On Demand's Clayton Banks

--Topics Covered Include Start Over, Interactive Tune-In Spots, iTV-to-Mobile, and More
--Plus ActiveVideo's Villalpando on SpotCrime's New Crime-Mapping App for DirecTV
[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe 's regular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! " This week, high-profile cable industry figure, Clayton Banks , CEO of Zap On Demand , discusses his company's new iTV-to-mobile technology, which uses interactive TV to sell a product, and mobile phones to complete the order.

We have also just published the second part of the iTV Doctor's two-part profile of Joan...

Introducing a New [itvt] Column, "Sound Off!"

[itvt] has just published the first in a new series of columns from Rick Howe , author of our popular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! "

Entitled " Sound Off! " and sponsored by ActiveVideo Networks , the new column series will, Howe ("The iTV Doctor") promises, "skewer some of the sacred cows of our business, with industry notables taking positions on either side of the arguments."


New iTV Doctor Column Features NBCU's Michael Aaronson on Making Winter Olympics Interactive

--Plus Villalpando on STB vs. Cloud, Grant Hay on the Problem with TV, Vinson on the FCC
[itvt] has just published the latest edition of Rick Howe 's regular column, " The iTV Doctor Is In! " This week, NBC Universal 's VP of digital distribution, Michael Aaronson , provides a detailed overview of how the broadcaster brought interactive TV coverage of the Winter Olympics to AT&T U-verse TV, Cablevision, Comcast, DirecTV, DISH Network, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS TV.

In addition: [itvt] blogger, Edgar Villalpando ,...