"Social Media Changing the Nature of Programming" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the session, " Social Media Changing the Nature of Programming ," which was one of the highlights of The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 (June 12th-13th). The session was described in the show brochure as follows: While the past year has seen significant media coverage of the ways in which social media are changing how programming is promoted, distributed and consumed, a related phenomenon has received less attention: the fact that social media are actually starting to change the nature of programming itself.

Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV):, Mongol TV, Nielsen

--Advertising Platform,, Aims to "Bridge the Gap between TV and the Second Screen" Secures Deal with Mongolia's Mongol TV
--Nielsen Survey Finds Widespread Use of Second Screen during TV Viewing
Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 , we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. , a social media-based on-screen advertising platform which claims to "bridge the gap between TV and the 'second screen,'" launched at the MIPTV market in Cannes last week. "Comprising a live advertising ticker at the bottom of the TV screen--overlaid onto existing programming--the platform displays pictures and...