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Interview: Cognitive Networks' New CEO, Michael Collette, on Developing Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) Technology for Smart TV

Listen to internet radio with Tracy Swedlow on Blog Talk Radio Michael Collette --whose career includes stints as SVP of marketing at OpenTV, as CEO of uCentric Systems and PhyFlex Networks, as a strategy consultant to Google TV, Canoe Ventures and Cisco, and, of course, as a columnist for [itvt] --was recently named CEO of Cognitive Networks , a company that specializes in the development of automatic content recognition (ACR) solutions for smart TV's.

INdustry: DisplaySearch Provides Much-Needed Data on the Smart-TV Landscape

The search is over. I've been looking around for some time for market data on smart-TV shipments, and it's been relatively elusive--until now. Earlier this year, DisplaySearch, a long-established market data company, started publishing their smart-TV report.

INdustry: Yahoo! Moves First--ACR TV on Sony

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Russ Schafer, senior director of global product marketing for Yahoo! Connected TV . As I mentioned in my CES round-up (see the INdustry column published on itvt.com, January 17th), Yahoo! Connected TV rather quietly announced a deal with Sony to deploy their Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity service on existing 2011 Sony TV sets and upcoming 2012 TV sets. (Video: http://advertising.yahoo.com/video/events-26393649/connected-tv-at-ces-27844619.html ) Broadcast Interactivity is a platform...

INdustry: Civolution Supersizes ACR with Ad Info

It feels like the ACR business is starting to shift gears. Whereas last year, I think the market was working to grock the scope and importance of ACR and its ability to connect devices and cloud services to traditional TV, now it seems like we're digging in a bit and starting to figure out how to actually do all this stuff.

INdustry: Will Targeted Advertising on TV Be Better than on the Web?

For this edition of INdustry, we spoke with Eric Schmitt , EVP of Allant 's cable and media business. Allant is a co mpany to watch. An established player in the market services (database marketing, direct marketing, etc...) business, Allant has traditionally helped TV service providers manage customer lists and implement consumer direct marketing campaigns for old problems such as subscriber acquisition and churn management. Now, Allant is extending those relationships and expanding its presence...

INdustry: How Apple's Smart Genius TV Could Win Big

Is it a rumor? Or is it now a foregone conclusion? Seems the bandwagon has started to roll on Apple 's entry into the Smart TV market. The question is, what are they going to do? I guess we all expect Apple to enter the TV market with something very different, very competitive and very creative...a better Smart TV...a smarter Smart TV. Genius TV? So, how might a Genius TV be better than today's Smart...

INdustry: Ensequence + Zeitera = A Compelling New Approach to ACR for Companion Apps

Recently, Ensequence and Zeitera announced a new partnership for companion app publishing using automatic content recognition (ACR). I found this quite intriguing. I couldn't recall any other ACR companies doing deals with ITV publishing companies. Something was different. Before proceeding, let's refresh what this is about. ACR has become a buzzword of sorts and the lines describing various uses of automatic content recognition are starting to blur.

New Edition of Michael Collette's INdustry Column Profiles Interactive TV Advertising Agency, BrightLine

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[itvt] is pleased to present the latest edition of INdustry , our new column by interactive TV industry veteran, Michael Collette , managing director of MediaTech Strategies .

New INdustry Column Features Zeitera CEO, Dan Eakins, Discussing the Emerging ACR Space

New Edition of Michael Collette's INdustry Column Asks How Interactivity Might Improve "Advertising Math"