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News Round-Up (VIII): Sigma Designs, Microsoft, Ski Channel, Comcast, SnagFilms, Verizon, SyFy

--Sigma Designs Launches "Low-Cost" Set-Top Box Solution for Microsoft Mediaroom
--Ski Channel in VOD Deal with Comcast
--SnagFilms Plans to Increase Distribution, Starting with VOD Deals with Comcast, Verizon FiOS TV
--SyFy Launches Three iPhone Apps
The [itvt] editorial team is on the road this week and next, so we are covering most stories in round-up/summary form, and we anticipate that there will be some additional interruptions of our regular news publishing schedule beyond that. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers. System-on-chip (SoC) specialist, Sigma Designs , has announced the availability of what it describes as a "low-cost" Microsoft Mediaroom -compatible set-top box platform, based on its...

Accedo Broadband Launches Interactive TV Games on Colombian IPTV Platform

--Vodafone Portugal Launches IPTV Service on Xbox 360
--Digisoft to Power IPTV for Russia's PMT
Accedo Broadband --a Stockholm-based provider of interactive TV applications and content for IPTV and broadband-connected consumer electronics devices (note: the company, which was founded by telecom and media entrepreneurs, Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson, offers a range of applications, but is best known for its games)--said last week that it has launched an interactive TV games service on Colombian telco UNE's IPTV platform .

UNE claims that its IPTV platform, which was...

Visiware Deploys Interactive TV Games on Microsoft Mediaroom-Powered Infostrada IPTV Platform

Paris-based interactive TV games specialist, Visiware , announced Tuesday that its Playin'TV games are now available on Infostrada TV, a Microsoft Mediaroom-powered IPTV platform operated by Italian telco, Wind Telecommunications.

According to the company, six games from its Playin'TV catalog that have been adapted for the Mediaroom platform--"Solitaire," "Reversi," "Tactic 2 Vitamin," "Twin Match Ocean," "Tweezle Lab" and "Buzzbee"--are now available free of charge in Infostrada TV's "Extra" section.


MTS Allstream Launches Microsoft Mediaroom-Powered IPTV Service in Brandon, Manitoba

Manitoba Telecom Services-subsidiary, MTS Allstream , says it has launched its IPTV service, MTS Ultimate TV , in Brandon, Manitoba. The HDTV-enabled service, which is powered by technology from Alcatel-Lucent and by the Microsoft Mediaroom middleware and applications platform, offers a range of advanced services, including Whole Home PVR (MTS Allstream claims that it the first service to offer such a feature in Canada) with the ability to record and watch up to three programs...

AT&T Runs Co-Branded Pop-Up Ads on its U-verse IPTV Service

AT&T's Microsoft Mediaroom -powered IPTV Service, U-verse TV , last week began running pop-up ads that offer subscribers free Domino's pizza and a 2-liter bottle of coke, if they upgrade their subscription to include the Showtime premium programming service or AT&T's The Movie Package or U300 programming packages (which include Showtime channels). The ads, which invite viewers to call a toll-free number to upgrade their service and then go to to redeem a coupon,...

emuse Revamps Sapo Interactive TV Portal on Portugal Telecom's Mediaroom-Powered IPTV Platform

Dublin, Ireland-based interactive TV applications provider, emuse , announced Wednesday that it recently teamed with Portuguese Internet portal, , which is owned by incumbent telco, Portugal Telecom, to revamp the interactive TV version of the portal on Portugal Telecom's Microsoft Mediaroom-powered IPTV service, Meo. Dubbed Sapo at Meo, the new version of the interactive TV portal launched last month. According to emuse, it worked closely with Sapo to develop an innovative, customized application on...

SureWest Switches to Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Platform

--Says Platform Will Allow it to Offer Advanced and Interactive TV Services to 25,000 More Homes
SureWest Communications , an independent triple-play provider that offers service in and around Sacramento, Calif. and Kansas City, MO, announced Tuesday that it will deploy the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform to power an advanced TV service over its IP-based fiber-to-the-home and copper networks in the greater Sacramento region. The company, which previously used Minerva's IPTV middleware platform for its Sacramento-area TV offering, anticipates that the new Mediaroom-powered service will be available to new customers by...

TV Recommendation Engine Company, Neptuny, Joins Microsoft Mediaroom Developer Program

Neptuny , a Milan-based company that offers a digital TV recommendation engine called ContentWise, announced Monday that it has joined the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Developer Program. The program is targeted at third-party developers that are building interactive TV applications that run on the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform. "This membership is strategically aimed at developing an integration between our product ContentWise and the Microsoft Mediaroom platform and will allow us to be able to offer personalized...

Viapass Selects Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV Platform with Virtualization for Hospitality Offering

--Offering to Feature Interactive TV Services, VOD, HD
Microsoft last week announced that French telecommunications and network services provider, Viapass , has selected its Microsoft Mediaroom platform, equipped with the platform's recently launched virtualization feature, as the basis for an interactive TV-enabled IPTV service that its Viapass TV subsidiary plans to offer to hotels, hospitals and MDU's. According to Microsoft, Viapass will be the first European Mediaroom customer to take advantage of the platform's virtualization capability (note: Microsoft bills virtualization as making Mediaroom--which...

Microsoft Adds Virtualization Support to its Mediaroom IPTV Platform

--Virtualization Intended to Make Mediaroom More Practical for Smaller Operators
Microsoft announced Wednesday that it is seeking to make its Mediaroom IPTV platform more cost-effective for smaller operators to deploy, by adding support for virtualization. According to the company, which claims that Mediaroom is the first IPTV platform to offer virtualization support, virtualization can deliver up to a six-fold reduction in the number of physical servers required to support a full-featured IPTV service, thus significantly reducing hardware and management costs and speeding time-to-market by "up...