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[itvt] Column: The iTV Doctor Is In! It's Time to Get in the OTT Game

Dear iTV Doctor : I need your help. I'm watching my competitors launch direct-to-consumer channels online. I have a library of content just sitting around gathering dust. And my ad revenues are shrinking as viewers are cutting the cords with my distribution partners. The old business models just don't work anymore. Lagging in Los Angeles. Dear Lagging :

The iTV Doctor Is In! Going Over The Top with Ostmodern

Dear Readers : As promised in our last column, we're going to take a look at one of the creative and design shops that is creating the Over The Top experience in Europe and the UK: Ostmodern.

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Shade Tree Mechanic Goes Over the Top

Dear Readers : My father was a brilliant chemical and mechanical engineer. When he bought a new 1964 Pontiac GTO, he was so curious about the engine that he took it apart and laid the pieces out on the garage floor. And when he put it back together, he didn't have any parts left over (a skill I never mastered...). But one thing Dad always talked about was the primary operating philosophy of the Shade Tree Mechanic: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And for all of his life, and for most of mine, that philosophy has worked. Until now.

Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC Intensive 2011

Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC Intensive 2011
[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for the second annual TVOT NYC Intensive ( Monday, December 5th, at 730 Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan ). A PDF version can be downloaded here . TVOT NYC Intensive packs all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show into a highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day event. In addition to compelling and timely...

AnySource Media in Over-the-Top Deals with GetBack Media, ON Networks

--Company's Connected HDTV OTT Service Slated to Launch Later This Year
AnySource Media , a company that offers an over-the-top-TV technology, called the Connected HDTV Platform, which it says will be embedded in certain new HDTV sets later this year (note: the company has not yet announced any partnerships with TV manufacturers) and will allow viewers to access hundreds of "virtual" on-demand channels "out of the box," announced Thursday that it has signed up two more content partners for its service: GetBack Media (offers programming on...

Netflix in Over-the-Top-TV Deal with Sony Electronics

--Has Also Recently Signed OTT Deals with Microsoft, LG, Roku, Samsung, TiVo, Vizio
DVD rental service provider, Netflix , last week announced another over-the-top deal for its service with a consumer electronics company: starting in the fall, subscribers to Netflix's unlimited plan (priced from $8.99 per month) will be able to instantly watch more than 12,000 streamed movies and TV episodes on Sony Electronics' Bravia Internet-connected HDTV sets, as well as on previous Bravia models equipped with Sony's Bravia Internet video link module, the company said. The other...

ZapMyTV in VOD License Agreement with Paramount Digital Entertainment

--Company Offers Social Broadband Video Service, Currently in Early Beta
ZapMyTV --a company that is developing a "family-friendly" social broadband video portal that it says will broadcast live cable programming via the Internet across multiple social networking platforms and will also provide access to a range of theatrical motion picture content on an a la carte or subscription VOD basis (note: the company's "Interactive Content Environment"--or "ICE"--platform, which is currently in early beta, is slated to launch commercially later this year)--announced Wednesday that it has...

Hillcrest Labs to Sell its Loop Remote Control Directly to Consumers as an "In-Air Mouse for TV"

--Company, whose Customers Include ZillionTV, UEI, Says its Primary Focus Will Continue to Be B2B
Rockville, Maryland-based Hillcrest Labs (note: last year, the company announced that it had secured $25 million in a fourth round of funding--see [itvt] Issue 7.58 Part 1; it has raised a total of approximately $50 million to date) announced Monday that it is now selling its Loop remote control (or "pointer," as Hillcrest prefers to call it) directly to consumers as an "in-air mouse for TV," targeting what the company says is the growing number...

ZeeVee Releases Mac Version of its OTT Internet Video Browser, Zinc

--Also Unveils New Feature Allowing Content Owners to Add their Video to Zinc via MRSS
Over-the-top-TV specialist, ZeeVee , has released an Apple Macintosh version of Zinc, its Internet video browser for the living room. (Note: Zinc is a free software application that provides a simple, 10-foot interface that is designed to be driven by a remote control. Targeted at consumers who want to watch Internet video on a TV set connected to their computer, it is based on Mozilla technology and is available as a Firefox plug-in or a...

Songza Application Now Available For boxee

In a post on his company's blog, Tuesday, Avner Ronen, CEO of over-the-top-TV specialist, boxee , announced the availability of a Songza application for the boxee platform, that has been built using boxee's recently launched API (note: for more on the boxee API, see [itvt]'s interview with Ronen in Issue 8.38). Songza is an application that finds and plays free, legally distributed music files on the Internet. boxee users can install the Songza app on...