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News Round-Up

--BBC iPlayer, Sky Mobile TV, Livestation Now Available for Apple iPad
--BBC Announces Red-Button Interactive TV Programming Line-Up through June 18th
--CRTC Allows Advertising on VOD programs
--CJ HelloVision Launches Social TV-Enabled Broadband Video Service
--DMGT Fined £225,000 for Closing Teletext
--Fox Mobile Beta-Launches Bitbop Mobile TV Service
--Overlay TV Powers Interactive Video for Tory Burch
Here is a round-up of some other interactive TV-related stories we didn't have room for in this issue: In time for the Apple iPad's launch in the UK, 1) the BBC has announced the availability in beta of an iPad version of the BBC iPlayer, that is based on the so-called iPlayer "Bigscreen site"; 2) Sky has announced the availability in the Apple App Store of an iPad version of Sky Mobile TV; and 3)...

Overlay.TV Commercially Launches its Platform

An Ottawa-based start-up called Overlay.TV has commercially launched an eponymous interactive media platform which it says enables video creators and viewers to add a layer of custom-designed, clickable content over any embeddable online video. According to the company, the platform, which has been in a limited-feature public beta since February, now includes a new monetization system, several new interactive tools, and an open API. The Overlay.TV toolkit allows users to add video-in-video, product placements, hyperlinks,...