BlackArrow Powers Mid-Roll VOD Ads

-- Advanced Advertising Vendor Enables Interoperability with Third-Party Ad Systems
Advanced advertising technology vendor BlackArrow upgraded its ad-insertion platform, giving cable MSOs the ability to insert mid-roll ads in video-on-demand programs. In addition to supporting mid-roll ads, BlackArrow said its new platform gives service providers greater control over trick-modes, including a way to disable the fast-forward function for programmers that don't want subscribers skipping commercials. BlackArrow said it will also support third-party advertising systems. Supplying cable operators with technology that allows them to insert ads...

Cablevision to Offer 24-Hour VOD Pre-Roll Ad-Insertion Capabilities

--Will Extend Telescoping to its Entire Service Area
New York-area MSO, Cablevision , said Wednesday that it will begin offering same-day video-on-demand ad insertion across its entire service area later this summer, allowing advertisers to initiate a campaign or swap out existing commercials within a 24-hour period of notification. The company--which also announced that it will provide telescoping (i.e. the ability to click from a commercial to additional advertiser information) across its entire service area later this summer--claims that its new ad insertion...