Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up 7/28/14 (VI): Piksel, Ex Machina, Qplay, RCN, Showtime, TiVo, Netflix, Rovi, Seagate, Roku, Saffron Digital, Simulmedia, Sky, Sling Media, Spike TV

As most of you are probably aware, [itvt]'s news reporting was on hiatus for several weeks, because our editorial team was working on TVOT 2014 and then taking a post-event break. In order to catch up with the news we missed during that period, we are covering stories in headlines/round-up format (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke). We expect it will take us a few weeks to catch up...

Seagate Adds Streaming Capabilities to its FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player

--Box, Originally Designed to Enable Viewing of PC Files on TV, Now Supports Netflix, YouTube, etc.
Storage specialist, Seagate , said Monday that its FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player--a device originally intended to enable users to move photos and videos from their PC to their TV--now supports streaming of content from Netflix, as well as from other providers such as YouTube, vTuner (provides access to around 8,000 terrestrial and Internet radio stations) and Mediafly (aggregates a broad range of free and user-generated content, including podcasts, news and sports).