Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): Shazam, Microsoft, iPhone 5, TelVue, Topshop, Facebook

--Shazam's ACR Technology Powers UK Interactive TV Ad Campaign for Microsoft
--Shazam CEO: iPhone 5 Will Enable "Richer Second-Screen Engagement"
--New Version of TelVue's Video-Streaming Service Integrates Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics
--Retailer Topshop Teams with Facebook to Bring Interactivity to its Live-Streaming Fashion Show
Because the [itvt] editorial team is busy working on our upcoming TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC Intensive (December 10th in New York City), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format: Automatic content recognition (ACR) specialist, Shazam , has been tapped by Microsoft to power an interactive TV ad campaign in the UK for its Internet Explorer platform (note: Shazam claims to reach 11 million people in the UK). "Starting today,...

Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Shazam, STMicroelectronics, Fraunhofer HHI, TelVue

--ACR Company, Shazam, Begins Offering Unlimited Free Tagging on iOS Devices
--ST, Fraunhofer HHI Unveil Standards-Based 3D Adaptive Video-Streaming Software Receiver
--TelVue Launches B1000 HyperCaster IP Broadcast Server
Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on TVOT NYC Intensive 2011 , we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. Audio-based automatic content recognition (ACR) specialist, Shazam (note: the company, which is best known for offering a mobile application that consumers can use to identify music, as well as unlock supplemental content associated with TV shows--a process it calls "tagging"--recently raised $32 million in order to further its efforts to target...

BackChannelMedia, TelVue Demo End-to-End System for Interactive TV Infomercials

--Summer Conference Demo Leverages FourthWall EBIF User Agents, BigBand BMR, Cisco STB's
BackChannelMedia --a company that offers a technology called Clickable TV, which allows viewers to forward or "bookmark" information from their TV to a personal Web portal or to their email account (note: the company says that the technology will be deployed by Knology Communications next month, and that it has reached deployment agreements with around 80 local TV stations--for more on Clickable TV, see the article published on, December 9th)--said Tuesday that it has...