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Last Chance Discount Registration for TVOT SF 2018

  • Spring Discount Registration for the TV of Tomorrow Show Ends Midnight Tonight, April 30th
Spring Discount registration for the TV of Tomorrow Show 2018 (June 13th-14th, in San Francisco) ends at midnight tonight, Monday, April 30th. Spring Discount registration allows you to attend TVOT SF 2018 for just $975 , representing a savings of $300 off the regular price of a ticket (and guaranteeing you a seat at this limited-attendance event). To take advantage of this discounted pricing, click here: http://thetvoftomorrowshow.com/register-tvot To find out about special group rates (three...

TVOT 2017 VR Keynote: Rikard Steiber, President of HTC Viveport

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2017 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the June 29th VR Keynote with Rikard Steiber, President of HTC Viveport . We have also included this information below. We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2017 keynotes and firesides shortly. The full TVOT 2017 SCHEDULE OF SESSIONS is available at: http://thetvoftomorrowshow.com/announcing-schedule-sessions-tv-tomorrow-show-2017 Purchase your TVOT 2017 TICKETS here: http://thetvoftomorrowshow.com/register-tvot