News Round-Up (II): Comcast Spotlight, DirecTV-Wimbledon, Epix-Cox-Mediacom-Charter

--Comcast Spotlight Exec Says Interactive Remind/Record Spots Proving Successful
--DirecTV Provides Extensive Interactive TV Coverage of Wimbledon
--Epix's Authentication-Based HD Web Site Launches for Cox, Mediacom and Charter Customers
Because the [itvt] editorial team has been on the road the past few weeks, we are covering recent news stories in summary/round-up form. We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers. We will resume our regular format and publishing schedule tomorrow (Tuesday). Comcast and Turner Broadcasting executives revealed a couple of interesting nuggets of interactive TV news at Light Reading's Cable Next-Gen Video Strategies conference in Atlanta last week. Kathleen DeBenedictis, director of product management...

New Interactive Video/Augmented Reality Apps Unveiled for Clothes Shopping, Wimbledon

--Apps Developed by Zugara, IBM
Los Angeles-based interactive marketing agency, Zugara , unveiled an interactive video/augmented reality application, Tuesday, called the Webcam Social Shopper. According to the company, the app allows Webcam-equipped users to virtually hold up articles of clothing in front of themselves in order to see how they look on them--while integrated motion capture technology allows the app to track their movements, and thereby also enables them to control the app by moving their hands in space (in...

NBC Sports Taps Microsoft Silverlight, iStreamPlanet, Akamai, Inlet to Stream Wimbledon Live

--Service Will Leverage Microsoft's Smooth Streaming Adaptive Bit Rate Technology
Webcasting specialist, iStreamPlanet , said Monday that it has been tapped by Microsoft to help deliver live streaming and on-demand coverage of the Wimbledon Championships for NBC Sports' Wimbledon Live service on NBCSports.com . According to the company, it will manage the encoding of live coverage of the tennis championship, as well as design and deploy a custom Microsoft Silverlight-based "media experience" that will leverage Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS) Smooth Streaming adaptive bit...

BBC Unveils Plans for Interactive TV, Online and Mobile Coverage of Wimbledon Tennis

The BBC has announced its plans for interactive TV, broadband and mobile coverage of the upcoming 2009 Wimbledon Tennis Championships (note: this year, for the first time, the corporation's entire coverage of the championships will be available in high definition on the BBC HD channel): Viewers on the UK's digital TV platforms will be able to press the red button to access a multiscreen app with a choice of up to five live matches (note:...