Sony Spotlights Internet TV in Bravia Ad Campaign

Sony makes the ability for TV viewers to connect to the Internet the centerpiece of an ad campaign for its new line of Bravia LCD HDTVs. Its strategy is a departure from previous ad campaigns, which have focused on screen size and resolution. "It's Internet and TV combined. It's movies, music and apps, all streamed through the Internet," Sony says in its new spot, with actor Christian Slater providing the voiceover. The ad walks viewers...

Widget Realm Launches Broadcast-It-Yourself Service for Developing, Distributing Yahoo! TV Widgets

Widget Realm , a company that offers content publishing services for desktop apps, mobile devices and connected TV sets, on Tuesday launched its "Broadcast-It-Yourself" service for Internet-connected devices running the Yahoo! Widget Engine. According to the company, the new service will enable any developer to easily create and distribute TV widgets to millions of connected TV's and other connected devices. "Yahoo! and Widget Realm are going to enable an explosion of interactive television content," Widget...

Intel and Yahoo! to Launch "Widget Channel"

--Comcast Announces Plans to Integrate Widget Channel with its EPG

Interview: Yahoo!'s Patrick Barry Discusses the New Yahoo!-Intel Widget Channel

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, Yahoo! and Intel announced plans to launch the Widget Channel, an application framework which they say will allow operators, content providers, advertisers and others to develop Internet-based mini-applications, dubbed "TV Widgets," for broadband-connected TV's and other consumer electronics devices, using Web standards and tools such as JavaScript, XML, HTML and Adobe Flash. The companies--which say that the TV Widgets will, among other things, enable consumers...

Herb Scannell Resigning as CEO of Next New Networks

Herb Scannell is resigning as CEO of broadband video company, Next
New Networks (note: the latter describes itself as "a new kind of media
company, creating micro-television networks over the Internet for
targeted communities, bringing together elements of TV programming
and Internet philosophy to allow viewers to contribute, share and
distribute content"). He will, however, retain his role as executive
chairman of the company, which has raised around $23 million in
venture capital to date. "Thus far, we've been videocentric, built our
network model, and got distribution and advertising up and running,"
Scannell wrote in a posting on his blog. "Now, I want to see us go