TVOT NYC 14 Recap

TVOT NYC 14 Recap

Our annual Winter East Coast conference in New York City is the global gathering for executives, technologists and creatives working in the Interactive and Multiplatform Television community.

This one day conference is also the venue for the presentation of the highly regarded Interface Showcase awards, presented by [itvt]. (NOTE: Our two-day event is in San Francisco every June.)

While [itvt]'s TV of Tomorrow Show events feature an exhibit hall and panel sessions, that's where their similarity to other industry conferences and tradeshows ends:

They are the only industry events to focus on the production, delivery, user experience and business of interactive TV across multiple platforms and media (e.g. pay TV, smart TV, tablets, smartphones and other second-screen devices, Web, social networks, VOD, game consoles, programming, advertising, tcommerce, transmedia "storyworlds," etc.)

Ensuring that attendees are able to meet and schmooze with the right people is a primary focus of the events. One of our principal goals is to introduce to one another people and companies with complementary visions and solutions.

The events are not "pay-for-play": speakers are selected for their expertise alone, not because they, or the company they represent, have paid a speaker's fee.

The events' panel sessions are developed through an ongoing dialog with the readership of the [itvt] newsletter, allowing us to ensure that they are topical, timely and accurately reflect the interests and concerns of the industry.

The panel sessions are highly interactive, with debates, open mics, polls and other features designed to promote discussion.
The events also offer in-depth workshop sessions, where smaller groups of participants have the opportunity to dialog with leading industry experts and explore new technologies, platforms and media in a more focused and hands-on way.

The events are designed to promote cross-pollination between the interactive/multiplatform TV community and other creative communities, such as artists, performers, designers, interactive storytellers, independent filmmakers, YouTube creators, and more.
Finally, the events are designed to be fun. They feature entertainments, challenges, contests, and a range of other social activities.

What Attendees Will Gain at the Conference

An understanding of how the interactive multiplatform television industry is structured, how it works, what the key technologies are, and who the key players and industry leaders are.

An understanding of the pressing technological and marketing challenges that need to be overcome as television becomes interactive, social and multiplatform.

An understanding of the emerging business models that are made possible by interactive multiplatform television, and an understanding of where the real business opportunities are in this space.

An understanding of how social networking, connected-TV devices, tablets, smartphones, cloud-based computing, gestural control technologies, augmented reality, clickable broadband video, transmedia narratives, authentication and other emerging phenomena are impacting the television space.

An insider's view of some cutting-edge interactive/multiplatform TV technologies that are currently in stealth mode.

An opportunity to meet in person, engage in dialog with, and even influence some of the most important people shaping the interactive multiplatform TV universe today.