Radio ITVT: Interview with Mike Chen

Radio ITVT: Interview with Mike Chen &
Contact: Tracy Swedlow,

Mike Chen is the creator and host of Strictly Dumpling, Beyond Science and a number of other YouTube channels, which to date have collectively garnered around 4 million subscribers and half a billion views.

In this recorded interview with ITVT Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Chen describes his portfolio of channels, how they came into being, and how they are produced; explains how the channels are monetized and how they have been impacted by the recent changes in YouTube's advertising algorithm; shares his views on influencer-marketing agencies; discusses how he is working to distribute his content on new platforms in addition to YouTube (among other things, he recently made a deal with Twitch); recounts some of the highlights of his career as a YouTube star; outlines his plans for the future; and more.

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