TVOT SF 2018: Insights from Otter Media, New Research from CTAM and Magid

ITVT is pleased to announce TVOT SF 2018 Sessions featuring insights from Otter Media and new research from CTAM and Magid.
Here are the listings for the sessions from the show agenda:
June 13th, Wednesday
Hawthorn Room
Presentation: Fandoms from the Future
Fragmentation is the best thing that ever happened to TV--endless choices mean viewers only engage with the content and creators they love. As they shift from passive audiences to empowered fandoms, viewers take on a greater sense of ownership and deeper emotional intensity that manifests itself in ways traditional TV never imagined. 
Otter Media gets to see these thriving fandoms up close every day at Rooster Teeth, Crunchyroll, VRV, Hello Sunshine, and Fullscreen. Brand partners come on board to be sponsors--alongside the fan sponsors who were there first--thus fueling the fandom and being embraced as a welcomed contributor to the community instead of an interrupter of content. 
Alan Beard, Chief Brand Officer of Otter Media (a joint-venture between The Chernin Group and AT&T), will dig into these insights and more, including the uniqueness of identity media economies, the end of generational marketing, and the seemingly unresolvable tension between passion and scale.
June 14th, Thursday
Hawthorn Room
Presentation: How to Engage and Win with the Connected Consumer
Consumers are craving Internet and Intelligent connectivity solutions that will help them manage their lives. A recent CTAM study conducted by Magid examines how the proliferation of connectivity is changing the way consumers engage with content, information and the world around them. Learn why time, experience and trust are all invaluable components to winning the new connected consumer. Participants include:
Remember: TVOT SF 2018 takes place on June 13th and 14th:
North America