Tracy Swedlow on PBS MediaShift Mediatwits with Mark Glaser

Mediatwits #87: TV Special: Apple, Google Are Coming; Netflix at the Emmys; Hulu Unsold

Mark Glaser of PBS's MediaShift "Mediatwits" show produced this Google+ Hangouts program July 19, 2013 featuring the following people:

  • Andrew Lih, American University
  • Brian Stelter, New York Times
  • Monica Guzman, Seattle Times and Geekwire
  • Tracy Swedlow, InteractiveTV Today [itvt]
  • Mark Glaser, PBS MediaShift

We spoke about Netflix, Hulu, Intel, Google, Apple, Comcast and who might really step out front to be the one offering that everybody wants to use.  This is based on current news and rumors emerging about integrated services being developed by these companies.

Check it out!